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Panasonic HD10 Headphones

Panasonic HD10 Headphones

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Does anyone know how these compare to MSR7?
Is this compatible with the v moda boompro?
Looks to be compatible.
Oh my...
Are these the hd10K or hd10E? Also are there any differences between the two rather than just being sold in Japan or the UK?
Doesn't it look slightly similar to Sony MDR 1A?
$174 on Amazon with free shipping and you don't have to wait until late april to get them.
you do have to wait until mid april though. Unless you want to pay $100 for expedited shipping
I know MDR-1A pads when i see it, so at least they are surely comfortable.
I snagged a pair of these on eBay a few weeks ago and I can vouch for them. Sounded terrible right out of the box, but after some burn-in, they sound great. I liken them as Panasonic's version of the Sony MDR-1A, without the bass hump and better treble. You get bass, but it's just "there" and not elevated. Clamping force can be a little tight for people with bigger heads, but with the horizontal and vertical sliders, it's not that hard to find a good fit. The drivers are gorgeous to look at.

Where these cans shine is really the treble and high mids. Female vocals sound fantastic. I think with some modding, they could sound even better. I personally plan to experiment with dampening the space between the plastic cups and the drivers, as I noticed there's a bit of reflection that muddies up the sound. Just beware that the earpad system is similar to V-Moda's where the pads are held in by plastic tabs. I recommend prying a side open with something like a flat-head screwdriver and not pulling by the earpad as you'd risk tearing. All in all a good buy.
Frequency measurements
I got these when they first came out in Japan.
Definitely worth the money if you enjoy electronic (high frequency clarity)
Reserved bass, not overwhelming, but you do feel them.
Awesome design adjustable ear cups
Comfy leather headrest
Best to get portable DAC than connecting to the phone /music player (they work with any portable device w/o amp, but for the sound quality)

It is still heavy compared to thin headphones, so I'd say maybe 2 hours w/o getting uncomfortable.

You can also use them as small speaker
Just flip it sideways and crank up the volume
Still good sound Not like other tin-can cheap portable speakers
Would you say these are worth buying over the sennheiser 598cs ?
I don't have Sennheiser 598cs, but RP-HD10 is Panasonic's first high-res headphones.
New technology (New driver materials(100s of layers), anti-vibration structure frame, horizontal sliding mechanism for earcups) worth more to me at least.
Sennheiser do make awesome headphones for their HD series, but I think 598Cs is more budget oriented.
Probably cheaper materials and construction.

Regarding sound quality, HD10 leaves mid-range out a bit...might be able to EQ it though.
Sennheiser is renowned for their mid-range, so it all depends which sound you prefer.
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