Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100S 4K Camerasearch

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100S 4K Camera

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100S 4K Camera

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If you're considering this camera, search the web for comments on dust on the CMOS. I own a Leica D-LUX (typ 109), a relatively similar fixed-lens camera, and for all its great features, I do not like it. It is not environmentally sealed, so you can easily get dust on the CMOS. And the lens is not removable, so you cannot easily clean it.
I ultimately shelved the Leica and got the Lumix G8. But ymmv. <3
Anyone know if this camera have international warranty? Thank you in advance
May i know what shipping they using for international shipment? Is it DHL or any other shipping company?
I picked up a OMD EM 5 Mark II for almost this same price on ebay.
This camera has pretty good reviews, but it's also over 2 years old, I usually go for newer things for a bit of future proofing...
Does it hace a US warranty ? (one can get an international version without US warranty for a similar price in amazon and ebay, but the US version seems to be consistently close to $700 in price).
This seems a bit like fate lol - Just last night I finally narrowed down my choice of compact cameras to the LX100 and the Rx100 V! The cheap price here on Massdrop might well be the deciding factor, $559 vs. $999 - that's a pretty compelling argument for the LX100! I will miss the ultra slow motion video capability, smaller form factor, and a few other cool features in the RX100 V, but it's hard to justify them for nearly double the price of the LX100.
My one question about this drop is that it's listed as the LX100S, but as far as I can tell it's identical in every way to the LX100. Is it just a different localization or something?
My guess is that the "S" stands for silver, since the non-S version has a black body and this one is silver.
That makes sense! I'm kind of fond of the silver look - makes it look even more like an old range finder.
Awesome lil camera. This is still my small street photgraphy rig. This lens sensor combo is hard to beat.
I have this camera in Black, got a smoking hot deal on one! this is a great camera the low light performance with the 1.7 lens is amazing. This camera is small enough that i carry it just about everywhere. here are some sample images.


Dope pic of Austin Carlile
Thanks, that was one of my favorites from that night.