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Panzera Breuer 42 Automatic Watch

Panzera Breuer 42 Automatic Watch

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Just a warning: The instructions that came with mine were incorrect.

The booklet says to turn the crown clockwise to set the time, but this actually moves the hands backwards (which is probably bad for the watch). I confirmed with Panzera that you should turn the crown counterclockwise (to move the hands clockwise) when setting the time.

The instructions also describe a screw-down crown, which this watch does not have. Weird.
i Have one of these and love it, worth every penny IMO. Unlike a lot of garbage watches you can find online at this price these guys actually make superb quality attention to detail watches all the way down to the packaging.
That’s a great watch at about 150$.
Does anyone know if you are able to swap out the watch band on the Ascot Mesh model or is it fixed?
Are you asking if the band is removable? If so yes it is.
If you just want another execution then try one of these. Same watch different straps:

  • B42-02N1 | Ascot Abyss (-$-25)
  • B42-02N2 | Ascot Admiral (-$-25)
  • B42-02 | Ascot Spirit (-$-15)
  • B42-02B | Ascot Gentry (-$-15)
  • B42-02R | Ascot Flame (-$-15)

  • If you plan to put a different band then buy the abyss since its a discounted price and toss the band when you get it.
Can't wait when watch will be in my hands, looks so nice.
I bought the gold case model a year ago, and quite how Panzera manage to make this watch at this price amazes me, the look, feel, and quality of this timepiece is up there with watches four times the price. highly recommended. interested in their swiss made model now, sure to be good also.
got this last time, very happy. Have 2 watches now from panzera
White Dial, Steel Mesh Bracelet, thank me later.
Did anyone get shipping confirmation for this watch yet as estimated shipment date was supposed to be April 30th.
They sent a mail explaining the shipping has be deleyed. Dont know how long though and support does not respond when i ask when they expect to send it. Also found out shipping to norway takes 3-6 weeks(!). Was looking forward to this watch, but massdrop seems kinda unserious to me, so i cancelled my order
I like the the curved glass thin bezel combo, looks very smart... I got the Panzera pilot watch recently, so not sure I can convince/justify another watch purchase to the wife...... MD can you please call her and explain? :)
buy the watch, ditch the wife?
Ha Ha... thanks for the advice... could be an option LOL
I purchased the gold version with black strap in a previous drop and it has become one of my favourite watches. the quality is way higher than what I was expecting for the price I paid around $280. one of the things I like about this Watch is its not another seiko or tissot. Not that there is anything wrong with those brands I just like to own something that not everyone else is wearing. The other thing I like about the watch is the curved hands and dial, not something you see too often and I didn’t even realise until I got the watch which is a nice feature
Thanks for the info. I like the domed crystal. I also enjoy wearing a watch that is not so ubiquitous.
Looks a lot like the Tissot Visodate... except the large size for a dress watch, lack of a hacking, Swiss movement, border around the date window, and the prestige of one of the oldest Swiss watch companies. Why is the price so high for a vastly inferior piece? The Visodate is only 375 brand new...
Hey where can I find the tissot visodate with day and date for 375? My searches come up with lowest price of $488 ex tax for new piece.
Jomashop - $375
I like the watch and am considering purchasing the black dial version with black leather strap. I'm torn between the stainless case (the Republic Spirit) and the gold tone case (the Regal Spirit). I've shied away from gold over the past few years (ok, maybe even a decade), but pictures of the gold version some have posted here have me reconsidering. Opinions???