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Papago Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Papago Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Can these be used on a motorhome towing a car? Would need 8 monitors to one monitoring device.
Pressing down on a Schrader valve... always a Bad Idea.
Walmart currently has a lower price than MD's "commit" price.
Is the one on Amazon for $79.99 not the same?
Yup exact same ones TPMS100
It's now $71.43 on Amazon!
What kind of range can I expect on the transmission? I would like to install on a trailer and monitor from the truck.
Just finished my Installation. Right out of the box they helped me. One day before receiveing these, I felt low pressure in tires and when got checked at a tire shop they told it is 35 psi which is perfect. Then next day I installed these and all of the sensors showed pressure of 30 or 31. Which confirmed my suspicion. I promotly went to the tire shop. Got Nitrogen filled. Now my pressure is okay, these devices are continuously monitoring the pressure and temperature and I am a happy man.
*---- (One Star Review)
Honestly as useful as these were when they worked, they didn't work all the time. I constantly got the low tire pressure warning because the o-rings, that I replaced several times still didn't make a good seal to last through the northern US winters. Taking these things off is no fun after a couple months, the aluminium lock nuts that are provided practically weld themselves to the brass valve stem threads. I broke two valve stems just to try to take them off to put air in my tires.
Good information
thanks for sharing , real world info on poor design for real world
Not much of a price break same price 89.99 at bhphoto. Possibly free shipping
Free shipping in the USA and said 8-9 to Canada BC
what was MD adding ?
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Is this the "PAPAGO TPMS100US GoSafe TPMS 100 Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System with LED Color Display" or is this an older model?
I am going to need a video of these in action
or in there installed state
What's the refresh rate? Wondering if I can use these for track purpose. Most of these have a very long refresh rate which is only suited to road vehicles.
With that size battery and a estimated life of 1-2 years, I wouldn't be supprised if the refresh rate was every 30 minutes.
After several months of use, the refresh rate is more than every 30 minutes. I could notice a 2-7 PSI change in 15 minutes while driving on the highway. The temperature part was also updated in the same time. When they work they're really useful.