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Peak to Plateau Yak Wool Neckwarmer

Peak to Plateau Yak Wool Neckwarmer

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Versatile Wool Garments for Town or Trail

Whether you’re camping in colder weather, skiing backcountry powder, or looking for some extra warmth while out on the town, the Peak to Plateau neckwarmers won’t disappoint. The neckwarmer is made from 100 percent yak wool, which is prized for its warmth, breathability, temperature regulation, UV protection, and natural bacteria resistance. Finally, the fabric resists static cling and is elastic enough to use as a headband, face mask, or hood.

Note: At checkout, choose black, gray, or navy. This drop is limited to 123 units. 

Peak to Plateau Yak Wool Neckwarmer

About Peak to Plateau

After months of living and working with the local yak herders and nomads of the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau, Stefan Warnaar set out to make better outdoor products—ones that would encourage adventure and stand up to the world’s most beautiful, extreme environments. Soon, Peak to Plateau was born, and ever since has been producing performance garments using yak fiber. Dedicated to environmental and social sustainability, the company purchases ethically sourced yak fiber from cooperatives on the Tibetan Plateau to ensure herders receive the fair income they rely on. The rest is done in house: the fiber spun into a superfine yarn, knit into a unique fabric, and crafted into the final product.

Peak to Plateau Yak Wool Neckwarmer

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  • Peak to Plateau
  • 100% yak wool
  • Superfine 18-micron fiber
  • Rib knit
  • Stretch
  • One size
  • Weight: 2 oz (60 g)


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Estimated ship date is Feb 20, 2018 PT.

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