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Pelican 1170 EDC Case

Pelican 1170 EDC Case

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This would be great for those cutesy dainty jewelry knifelike things.. but available elsewhere for less.
Amazon 49.00
One diference between the Massdrop and Amazon offer is the Massdrop has the slots for the the knives and time pieces precut. Amazon and other sites you would have to pick out the foan cubes to create the slots you want. It would not look a clean as the Massdrop offer. For the $14.99 difference it might not be such a bad deal.
But you could also go to and they have a custom foam designer there, no need to bin this bizarre layout and buy pick-and-pluck foam to fix it.
EDC case? According to the interwebs, EDC means "Electric Daisy Carnival." I don't got time for none of that shit.
Can't tell if serious
$50 any day of the week at B&H Photo
I really really hate when retailers insult my intelligence by posting a ridiculous 'regular retail price' to make their not so great 'sale' look more appealing. In this case, you are paying $20 for a few cutouts.
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as are yours!
And yes an 1170 with foam will do just a good job at securing your folders and swatch watches.
My preferences are unrelated, as stated this product is not the same as the one you linked. Good for you if a standard case suits your needs; it is inapplicable to this product presented here.
Cool concept but would need like 20 of these for my knife collection (hmmm maybe more)
I agree but I think is designed as a travel case not EDC storage.
This is available on Amazon for $35.00
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I wish I could see what Massdrop buys it for & then compare it to the "drop" price....
Example: "Gadget" at Amazon=$40
Gadget at Massdrop=$39 (and waiting weeks for the drop)
Massdrop purchased Gadget for $10, SO maybe they make $29 off of us, and we save a dollar!
Of course this is an example, but my point is how is M.D. cant get us a significant savings sometimes when they are getting MANY buyers to purchase the item? Sometimes 50-100 or more buyers???
Sorry for my rant...
I understand what you mean but massdrop does have products where the savings are pretty big and other times they can't charge less because if the companys behind the product not allowing that.
1) “EDC” ... Every Day Carry. Lessee now - I wouldn’t actually carry this stuff around in a case, so that can’t be it. I don’t travel with a bunch of knives and watches, either. Hmmm, it must to to *store* my EDC items. Um, OK, but I don’t need a handled, pressure-compensated case for that, knives don’t require that level of protection, and my watches need winders. Too much added bulk for in-safe storage. Nope, this just doesn’t make a lot of sense for me! Maybe it’s tacticool or something.

2) Foam, foam, foam, who’s got the best, right kind o’ foam. Laser! “Ooohhh”! Pick-n-Pluck! “Ooohhh”? “Ugh”? YMMV. Personally, I LIKE pick-n-pluck. If you’re careful and use a sharp knife to assist pulling the blocks, it’s clean and nice. Now I KNOW you have sharp knife, ‘cause you’re looking at this drop. I mean, you do keep your knives scary sharp, right? Right? But here’s the deal - if you have a bazillion dollars in knives and watches to carry around in a case, then custom make your own interior and velvet line it. Problem solved, and without debating Foam A vs. Foam B!

3) I love Pelican cases and have a bunch of them. Not a single one for EDC, though!

4) The price for this drop isn’t compelling, no matter which foam is nearest and dearest to your heart.
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Thankfully most knives, and those of a certain size by a collector, don't actually vary much in size. It's why their other foam inserts are nothing but slots, with qualifiers for maximum width/height. While I have no issues with pick n pluck myself, it's not very efficient since the widths are pre-determined, giving you few options for setting up in a similar fashion.

Yes, people buy fancy cases for their watches for travel. Including pelican cases with pre-cut foam. These custom Nalpak inserts have been around quite a while, and they are definitely not out of business or discontinuing production.

The only cheaper variation is not this product, as many have indicated the last time this dropped. Either way, this product isn't for everyone. All of which is entirely up to the end user, which is completely subjective.
Let me put in simpler fashion. Foam is basically crap, no matter whose (there are some VERY high $$ exceptions to this, but that’s not the league we’re in here. It strikes me as absurd to spend - minimally, now - hundreds, if not many, many thousands of dollars on goods like this and not spend a few bucks on an actual, proper, fitted interior for storage.

IMNHO, foam might be ok for transport, which is transitory - but that doesn’t require anything fancy of any sort, especially for knives (even relatively expensive ones) - not even pick-n-pluck! I have a lot of Pelican cases for various items, including guns, electronics, tools, certain craft-specific activities, and so on. None of those with foam are used to store anything. A radio, for example, goes into its case with its accessories when heading to a beach or hilltop, and gets put away again at home. I have some bare cases, too. One, for example, keeps tools specific to chain mail construction and wirework beading, along with jars of jump rings.

I didn’t say I don’t travel, but that I don’t travel with an entire case full of knives and watches. When I do bring knives, they ride quite nicely in my luggage in pouches. Watches, of course, travel with me in my carry-on.

Pre-cut isn’t custom, unless it’s truly made to the specific item. Nor would I call a generic knife slot custom. It may work for you, even well, but it’s not custom.

Enjoy the case. (Really)
a slot for a gun would have sold me
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Do you think that MD will be offering some of your larger cases set up for large numbers of knives. I have organized display cabinets and desire mobility, safety, and security. It would be nice to know whether MD was planning such an offering, in which case I would wait to see the deals...
Just buy what you need direct from Nalpak.