Pelikan Classic M205 Fountain Pensearch

Pelikan Classic M205 Fountain Pen

Pelikan Classic M205 Fountain Pen


Where's the price?

To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Got it today. Tiny pen FYI if this comes up in a future discussion.
That's a good price for this little pen.. Too bad we don't have the stub or OB option.
Good pen though.
This is as low a price on the M205 as you are going to find.
It's a great pen, the filling mechanism is the best of any at this price point, the feed provides a constant and generous supply of ink. Makes it a great option for vintage modding. Just ask @thw1990 :).
May I know what sort of vintage modding?
You can replace the Pelikan nib with a vintage superflex and you end up with a best-of-both-worlds hybrid. @THW1990 has done it successfully multiple times.
FYI US users, there are more colors on Amazon Germany, they ship to the US and it costs about 60-80 bucks including shipping and tax.
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I paid $10-ish for the import deposit, and after that I was charged $65. I haven't received the pen yet and I will post updates as soon as I get it.
Thank you. I have to ask this because my import fees will be a whopping 38 Euros, lol. The pen+ shipping to my country in total is 70 euros. If the import deposits are not not refunded, massdrop would be cheaper...
If you aren't holding out for a special edition version, this is a great pen for a great price. It's small, if that matters to people. For me, it's probably the perfect sized pen for my hands. I compared it to a Kaweco Sport, both unposted. The Kaweco ended where the silver on the M205's piston turnknob began. I guess that would make the unposted M205 about an inch or less longer that an unposted Kaweco Sport.
I was just wondering about a size comparison and boom! here's the answer!
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