Pelikan M120 Iconic Blue Fountain Pensearch

Pelikan M120 Iconic Blue Fountain Pen

Pelikan M120 Iconic Blue Fountain Pen

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I started experiencing nib creep, not sure why.
I used Herbin ink, then I changed the color and the nib started creeping !!
I didn't drop it and it is always at home.
The pen writes great but it is just annoying see ink on the golden nib.
Do we know if these are made in Germany? Typically Massdrop will mention it in specs or description.
Please note: if you buy from Massdrop, the warranty card will not be stamped, and you will not be able to take advantage of the services that Chartpak offers. That said, if you have a problem with your pen, there are any number of excellent pen repair people who will set your pen right. Yes, you will pay for the service, but the cost is reasonable. I have purchased Pelikan pens from Massdrop and have not experienced any problems. They are honorable people, and they don’t sell defective merchandise. If you should find an obvious defect in your pen when it arrives, let Massdrop know, and they’ll make it right. I did, and they did.
I am a fan of Pelikan pens. I already have 7, only 1 is vintage, but that's not important. What's important to me is that I love writing with them. I purchased this one, even though it is a steel nib, because I LOVE the color and I LOVE the blue ink window! I got the B nib and it writes beautifully!
They left a review... how is that bad exactly?
How many overpriced steel nibbed pens can massdrop offer? Who requests these?
I do. Surprisingly, there are people out there who like things you don't. Weird, I know.
+1, and thanks for letting camelface know that he isn’t the only one on the planet.
It looks great cosmetically, very nice visual combination of blue + gold. My question is: Given that I don’t like the modern nibs lack of character, though they are as smooth as vintage’s - With which vintage nib can I fit it with?. I have some vintage 400NNs and a modern M405... This one looks great, but too expensive. Only if Icould exchange the nib with another I already own. —-I’m not a collector, Pens_for_use could be my last name. Someone said it can se the M400s nib, they are really expensive, rising the price much more...
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The current M120 nib engraving is replicated from a vintage Pelikan 1880's advertisement.
You know, I've been watching some video reviews, and multiple reviewers have noted that this nib is much more springy that the standard m200 nib. With luck, this one might be a little more to your liking!
Did Massdrop raised the price?
Any chance of getting more EF nibs?
Why are there never enough Extra Fine versions?!
Regards One (01) Malaysia to you.

Sir/ madam,

Did you stamp and signature the warranty paper?

Thanks and kind regards.
The street price in the U.S. is only about $20-something more, which will get you a warranty, which is not nothing given Pelikan's quality control reputation. Classic Fountain Pens has it for a lot more, but they do a nib swap to give it an actual gold nib (they don't say from where but it is probably from an M400, since I think that is what they use to swap the M200's they sell). The other issue with this pen is the question of why to buy it. If you are a Pelikan fan and collecting it, that makes sense (the Green version is now becoming a bit more rare and the street price is getting closer to the MSP, at least in the U.S.). If you are just looking for an small, piston filling, steel-nib Pelikan, the M200 or M205 can be had for a lot less on the grey market (like in the $100 range depending on color and nib style) or for a bit less through normal retailers.
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Granted it's a small sample (11 pens), but I've never, ever had an issue with a Pelikan. They are my go-to pen for something reliable. Any other brand, especially Visconti, I've had plenty of problems.
Buying an M200 or M205 instead of this makes sense if you want a small, steel nib, piston filling Pelikan -- and you have no preference what your pen looks like. But if you do care what your pens look like and you're in love with the aesthetics of this pen, why would you buy an M200 or M205 instead? Two different wants.

That being said, I won't buy this pen at this price. I'll wait and get one second-hand in 10 years. Damn you, Pelikan.
It’s a great deal, because it’s being sold elsewhere for $212, give or take, but I’m really bummed out that the EF nib disappeared so quickly, given that it’s the most popular size. Guess I’ll have to put up with the Fine nib. Sigh.