Pelikan Souveran M400 White Tortoisesearch

Pelikan Souveran M400 White Tortoise

Pelikan Souveran M400 White Tortoise

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did i miss an update? I thought this was to ship around 7/16/17
what was the final drop price?
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Thanks :-)
No problem
I would have bought this pen earlier, but they only had EF. I wanted anything but an EF. So sad.
Is it just me or was the "limited to 80 units" added AFTER this closed?
No, I read that in the description when only 61 had been purchased.
Needs more broads.
Owner of M800 in green as I am trying to resist this.....the color in my opinion is not very manly. It will not be my first choice and it will be obviously. Nevertheles, very good price for this product. Can always save it as a gift to a female who will appreciate. Did I say I must resist? Feel like I am trying to get myself a reason to get it.....
Hi, was wondering if you ship to Australia?
What is included in this drop?
Is the converter / ink cartridge included?
This pen uses a piston filler and doesn't use a converter or cartridge.
I love this pen but my cap is showing some hairline cracks that ChartPak is unwilling to repair but they want to sell me the cap alone (without the Pelikan logo!) for about the same cost of this drop. So I get two things from this: this is a good price, and this is the only Pelikan I own that has had cracks appear on it. Oh, and a third: ChartPak won't service Pelikans bought from MassDrop; I really need to find out if Pelikan in Germany would help out. Make of it what you will...
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I also own one of these pens. Mine had a nib that was out of whack and needed to be adjusted. However, because Massdrop is not an authorized Pelikan retailer, so you and I have essentially purchased our pens without any warranty.

I do hope you have better luck with Pelikan directly.
According to the pen repair lady at Chartpak, Chartpak has nothing to do with any of these Pelikan pens being sold by Massdrop, and these pens are not sourced into the USA through Chartpak, or from any Chartpak authorized Pelikan USA retailers. So where are they coming from, and why won't Massdrop provide warranty support or stand behind what they sell?
The drop is limited to 80 units, now 40 sold and only EF remaining. So at least 50% of the stock was EF...
Are EF's that popular?
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Agree that Pelikan has a bit broader nibs.
And I hope for the same thing. It's still a good deal tho :)
I purposely went with the Medium nib and will have it ground to an Italic when I attend my next pen show.
Fine and Medium nibs are out of stock already. Ordered the Broad, but would prefer a Medium. Will more Medium nibs be made available?
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