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Philips Fidelio X2

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Pls, this is a must
I am begging you
Massdrop please!!
Massdrop! We need this!!
Massdrop! We need this!!
These headphones probably won't drop on Massdrop. This is because they're very scarce. The best place to actually find them is on Reddit r/headphones. People frequently post places where you can buy these. They repeatedly restock on Amazon for $300 USD, do not buy them unless they are $200 or less. You can often snipe them from different country Amazons (like UK and Mexico) where they fall bellow the price of $200 + Shipping.
Honestly you'd be really lucky to find these outside of Massdrop for $200 or less
How do these compare to the K7xx's?
I'm still waiting for

Philips Fidelio X2HR/27

Hope this drops again - not because I need it (I have one) but because more people need to experience just how awesome the X2 is.
Can’t find the Fidelio X2 anywhere. I hope we get this drop soon.
About the only place is Philip's direct website.
Can we have a drop of the Fidelio X2HR ?
Is there a chance that a drop will happen soon because im about to pay full price for these?
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You are absolutely correct. I def knew I had bought the L2 rather than the X2 as well, but somehow thought the drop was for the L2 for whatever reason. Apologies for any confusion I caused to anyone!
I know, because I've bought it too few weeks ago at Woot))) Very worthy option for this price! I owned X1 and HD 600 somewhen. And in my opinion, anyone, who waits for x2 or something should better buy 6XX...
how many more request do you need massdrop
What ear pads are the x2's made of? Also looking to buy a pair of headphones for gaming and music and im stuck between 3 headphones, the t50rp mk3 , AKG 7xx and the philips x2. Can anyone help with advice on which to get?
Pls drop for $150