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Philips Fidelio L1 Audiophile Headphones

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My pads ended up ripping (a small, barely noticeable tear quickly turned into half the pad falling apart at the seam), with one side currently being held together with a helluva lot of duct tape. A fix to this would be to buy a pair of covers, but I'm just going to opt out and try to grab a new pair of headphones (love 'em to death and they're a good pair which lasted me a bit over a year, but they're too much trouble).
My pads are starting to rip open. Any ideas on how to replace/fix them ?
Same here, i was expecting more quality from a '300'$ product.
As bad as the earpa
As bad as the earpads degrading is.
I noticed this hissing sound coming from one of my headphones "speakers".

For months I thought I had developed tinnitus, it wasn't until today that I accidentally my headphones backwards that I notice the hissing switched sides.

As bad as the earpads degrading is.
I noticed this hissing sound coming from one of my headphones "speakers".

For months I thought I had developed tinnitus, it wasn't until today that I accidentally my headphones backwards that I notice the hissing switched sides.
Didn't like mine at all. Sold them on a local forum - a couple of ppl. bid on them, somehow made a small profit - and the guy that bought them loves them. Win / Win. :)
My remote/mic cable is failing (randomly plays, pauses and adjusts volume on multiple devices, sound like crap on a call). Anyone have a good place to find a replacement?
Mine were defective.
I've sent them to Philips and they told me they don't have any pair to replace them with (product out retired from marked).
They are proposing replacing them with a similar product having the price I've payed to Massdrop (99€). I'm sure Philips headphones in with that price won't be as good as these ones.
I'm now waiting for Massdrop to write me back, if they are able to replace the defective unit or not.
I have just returned from the customs office. Had to pay 25$ customs, but thankfully the headphones have been sounding great so far.
I received mine, they turned out to be defective. I returned them, Massdrop told me it would be 3-4 weeks for a replacement, if the manufaturer had some. I asked for a refund and Massdrop have not responded to any of the emails sent for the last 11 days.
I am appaled by the lack of customer service.
Anybody else still waiting for theirs to arrive?
Just received the package and noticed the left ear pad is upside down. So basically it doesn't seal correctly over my ear affecting comfort and sound quality. Paid $15 shipping and $20 for customs. Someone from support here can help me?
Are my headphones defective ? Plugin in the mic cable all the way gives me very faint sounds, full treble and no bass, voices feel really distant (that's the best I can describe it). Loosening the cable just a few millimeters give me the full sound. Also pressing the mute button when the cable is plugged all the way works. Is this normal or happening to anyone else ? Can I expect different for returning and getting a new unit ?
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So got it yesterday and everything is working fine, I try it with my PC, my DAC and my music player never have this issue =/ , are you sure it is not the jack port which is damaged?
What is the exact type of jack on your PC, a stereo TRS (Tip/Ring/Sleeve) audio output only, or a combined audio out/mic in TRRS (Tip/Ring/Ring/Sleeve)?

Usually, the issue is if you use the remote/mic TRRS cable plugged into an audio out only TRS jack. Some of those jacks do not have a very solid ground tab (are not in spec). The pinout of the TRRS is Left (T)/Right (R)/Ground (R)/Mic(S). What should happen if you plug in a TRRS to a TRS jack, is the ground tab of the jack should contact both the ground and mic contacts of the plug, the RS of the TRRS plug. What happens when you push it all the way into a crappy TRS jack is the ground tab only contacts the mic (S), leaving the headphones ungrounded which causes them to sound exactly as you describe (no bass, very distant sounding). When you push the mic button, it shorts the mic/ground lines (normally how a phone detects the button press), which grounds the headphones and they'll sound normal. When you pull the plug out just a little, the ground tab now contacts both the ground/mic pins, grounding the headphones, causing them to sound normal.

The L1's are fine. The jack on your pc doesn't work right with the remote/mic cable.

1) use the non-mic cable on your pc
2) get a better pc/sound card with better 3.5mm jacks
3) get a TRRS jack to separate headphone/mic plugs to use the mic on a PC. (looks like a female 3.5mm to dual male 3.5mm, but has a female TRRS to dual male TRS jacks, one for headphones, one for mic)
My delivery status (to NL), still waiting for an update:

Jun 22, 2015 8:34 AM ET
En route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center

Jun 17, 2015 3:43 PM GMT
Electronic Notification Received
Still waiting for mine. And no update on the tracking number since 18.
$63 USD for customs? The receipt says it is tax for a $299 purchase not a $99. Is that businesses as usual, or MD messed up the import ?
Got my headphones! Pleased with the sound quality, needs a bit of a bass boost but a tweak on the eq will fix that. My only problem is comfort! Bit tight on my head. Also, the ear cups rotate 90 degrees in the wrong way! Makes it a lil difficult to use 1 ear style if I wanna half listen and half pay attention
Thank you Massdrop! I have a really nice headphone and amplifier now. Reading the votes and comments really makes it easy to buy smart! Love it!
Just paid for customs. I should be receiving my order tomorrow.
where are you leaving? I never pay customs with massdrop!
I live in UK and everything over like $100 we have to pay customs