Pig Hog Vintage Series 1/4" Instrument Cablessearch

Pig Hog Vintage Series 1/4" Instrument Cables

Pig Hog Vintage Series 1/4" Instrument Cables

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'unique high-quality woven jacket'
There are literally dozens of woven jacketed cables these days.
A little more detail about what makes this so great, or 'unique' would be nice.

Honestly I don't ever pay for retail cables unless I am buying a piece of gear and need some hookups. Just about any cable will end up costing too much after you pay shipping.
Musiciansfriend has the 20 ft Orange Cream St/St for $20 (no tax/free shipping).
Are these the same cables that Yo Yo Ma uses?
I just got 2x20ft at 10.99 plus 10 shipping is like 33bucks total. Great deal. Maybe because I'm in Chicago and don't need international shipping. But I paid more for one fatso flex in the 90s.
Where's the Orange Cream option?
Shipping is $10.00 for two cables. Is it possible to offer a less expensive method?
Shipping was 7.50 for me. Not bad. Not great. Total came out to 14.50. Maybe the extra 5 bucks would've been worth it so i wouldn't have to wait a month to get the product, especially in the era of amazon prime.
Shipping to New Zealand for one cable from Massdrop is US$26. At Musician's Friend, shipping is US$35. Reverb.com has shipping at US$30. Amazon has shipping at US$15.80 but the cable costs a lot more.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Massdrop's price is the cheapest out of all of these examples when you combine the cost of the cable with shipping. But I still don't understand how a $7 cable costs $26 to ship.
The Cable name is Pig Hog - Cost 11$ and the shipping is 23$
These cables are great for the money. I have a plain old 10' instrument cable and a 10' orange cream right-angle instrument cable. I use them to practice and for gigging (small dives mostly). They're tough as nails, and even if they break, which I don't foresee mine doing for a long time) they have the lifetime warrantee. I see a lot of people complaining about the shipping, but I you can get them reasonably priced other places. I bought mine elsewhere. Just my two cents.
Insane shipping, for 4 10ft cables the shipping alone is $61. $20 more than the cables. Jokers... They must really not want people to buy their stuff through massdrop, I will never buy their stuff period.
Is there an option to have multiple choices in one purchase for example : 2 Daphne Blue 20 ft, and 2 Western Plaid 20 ft right angled?
Instead of paying twice for purchasing, delivery and taxes.
23USD for shipping to Poland...that kinda sucks. Otherwise I would buy it :(
That's not the worst part.

1 cable $26
2 cables $42

Do these ship in massive packaging boxes full of air or something?? Doesn't make sense.
$42 to ship 2 cables to New Zealand.... talk about a let-down!
$23.00 to ship one cable to France... XD
I'm usually the first to complain about shipping and bad deals but I just got two 20 ft. cables for less than $19.30 each, shipped. Best I could find elsewhere was about $10 more.
Yeah, even with the (frankly, absurd) shipping cost, it still comes out cheaper than most places.
$29,95 to ship 2 cables to Canada. That's just ridiculous. Massdrop, you just missed out on a sale because of shipping rates.
Might not be Massdrop. I looked into mailing a small package from the US to Canada a few months ago, I was appalled at the postal rates.