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Pigtronix BOD Bass Fat Drive

Pigtronix BOD Bass Fat Drive

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Get FAT Bass

Pigtronix Bass FAT Drive delivers touch sensitive grind that favors lower frequencies, making it perfect for any bassist or synth head who needs massive analog overdrive. Tuned to add oomph to the low end, the Bass FAT Drive gives your amp analog, tube emulated overdrive that can either add gain to or warm up your overall tone.

Pigtronix BOD Bass Fat Drive

Design and Function

The unit included Pigtronix’s CMOS clipping technology in order to produce powerful sound that breaks up depending on how hard you hit the strings. Also included is a tone control knob that can either take out the low pass filter out of the equation or attenuate the top end.

Pigtronix BOD Bass Fat Drive

Additional Features

There is also a Hi/Lo toggle switch to add even more versatility to your library of overdrive tones. When used in front of a DI or solid state amp, the unit adds depth and fullness to the sound. The Bass FAT Drive comes with true bypass switching and can run on standard 9-volt power but comes with an 18-volt adapter to offer more clarity to your sound.

Pigtronix BOD Bass Fat Drive
Pigtronix BOD Bass Fat Drive


  • 100% Analog wide range BASS overdrive
  • Multi-Stage tube emulated clipping
  • Touch sensitive performance
  • Hi / Lo gain mode switch
  • Passive LPF tone control
  • True Bypass Switching
  • 18VDC 300mA supply included
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 4.4 x 1 in (6 x 11 x 2.5 cm)
  • Voltage: 9-18V DC
  • Current Draw: 38mA @ 9V 120mA @ 18V


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