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Pinetti Quattrogiga Journal

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4 GB is absurd number of Word documents or Excel files, and you could put in many PDFs or PowerPoint presentations. It seems low but more than enough for school.
Could we see some writing samples of various pen types on this journal's paper?
I'd consider it if the USB was a Micro Sd reader then i can put in any size MicroSD card. but 4Gb is a joke.
An entire 4G?! I'll make sure to tell my 2005 self about this, I'm sure he'll be super excited.
Quattrogiga... Heh.

Can the USB drive be detached from the cover? Plugging the journal into my computer seems a bit of a crap option. If it can be detached, can you please provide some photos of it detached & size details so that I can see whether it can be replaced.
Looks like it snaps off:
Is there any other options for refill? Those ones that we can easily find in Staple or Walmart.
Is it possible to get more than one refill?
Hi dedalian,

Good idea! You can now select up to three optional journal refills during check-out.
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