Pioneer Andrew Jones 4" 2-Way Bookshelf Speakerssearch

Pioneer Andrew Jones 4" 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers

Pioneer Andrew Jones 4" 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers

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2-Way Crossover for Top-Notch Sound

Designed by Pioneer’s Chief Speaker Engineer, Andrew Jones, these bookshelf speakers are great on their own or as part of a multi-channel home theater system. They feature a sophisticated six-component two-way crossover, which breaks the audio signal into low and high frequencies to ensure a high-quality sound. The 4-inch woofer has a structured surface for excellent rigidity and bass accuracy, along with a vented pole piece for improved bass response over the same size woofers in previous models. Meanwhile, the 1-inch soft-dome tweeter boasts a custom waveguide that allows it to operate more efficiently, producing more volume using less power. Capable of handling 80 watts and delivering a wide frequency response, these speakers are sure to take your listening experience to the next level.


  • Model: SP-BS22-LR
  • Crossover type: 2-way
  • RMS output power: 80 W
  • Woofer: 4 in (10.2 cm) woofer with vented pole piece
  • Tweeter: 1 in (2.5 cm) high-efficiency soft-dome tweeter with waveguide
  • Frequency response range: 55 Hz–20 kHz
  • Impedance: 6 ohms
  • Crossover frequency: 3 kHz
  • Sound pressure level: 85 dB
  • Form factor: Bookshelf
  • Height: 12.6 in (32 cm)
  • Width: 7.1 in (18 cm)
  • Depth: 8.4 in (21.3 cm)
  • Approx. weight: 9.13 lbs (4.1 kg)


  • Pair of speakers
  • Pioneer’s 1-year warranty


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