Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR Andrew Jones Dolby Atmos - Pairsearch

Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR Andrew Jones Dolby Atmos - Pair

Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR Andrew Jones Dolby Atmos - Pair

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Howdy Everyone,

Please make sure you check out the Note section at the top of the drop page that states the following.

Note: The drop price listed is the Minimum Advertised Price set by the manufacturer. Massdrop is not allowed to advertise a lower price than the MAP price.At checkout you will be able to activate a coupon (-$120) off the advertised drop price. 

After much research, I had my heart set on these. I went to check out when I saw that massdrop wanted to slug me $100USD for shipping. When sellers on ebay will ship the same item for $38.77. Okay. Interesting.
Wait to see how much MD wants for shipping 2 pairs lol
Seriously Amazon has them at 239 new..
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Yeeeah, I'm not the one trying to call out Massdrop (and being wrong).
Yes.. buy u dont have to insult me ahole.. by saying " Reading is not your strong suit " no need.. not helpful.. but i can tell by your picture your just a pee on..
What are the typical snipping costs to canada?
shipping dangit
similar price on its 300 cad before tax and in massdrop its 250something.
Full warranty with sony?
I noticed that too. B.Hutch ?
That's typical MD, making errors and/or missing important information in the description or even drop title is business as usual around here. This is not even the first error on this drop alone lol
How do these compare to jbl speakers specifically lsr305. Does Dolby Atmos really make a big difference?
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So I actually bought the set you are describing a year ago, it was on sale at Amazon in a 5.1 package. thats why I bought these on the drop yesterday to add on to make 7.1 w/ rear Atmos. I'm planning on moving the rears that came in the set to the sides and using this new Atmos as my rear speakers. I have a Sofa table behind my . . . well sofa and am planning on moving my old rear speaker to the edges facing at an angle in (to give me my side speaker result) and placing these Atmos speakers directly behind for rears. A 7.1 surround with rear Atmos if you will. I plan on updating to those add ons you talked about for the front eventually, but I want to try these out first.
Awesome, thanks for the info. Excited to buy the set, sounds like incredible value!
does the speakers contain the cables to connect to a tv?
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Atmos comes with recievers not TV's
Well, some TVs are able to decode atmos and imitate its output even, not that it will sound good, but it's there.
Would this set work well for desktop speaker? I would only be about 3 feet away or is that just to close?
i'm currently using the non-atmos version as desktop speakers. needs quite a bit of desk space but they sound really good, especially for $99 on amazon. i think atmos is overkill/too big for desktop use though.