Plum Blossom PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Setsearch

Plum Blossom PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Plum Blossom PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

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Does anyone know where I can find the raw image for this?
The background of the keycaps are yellow-greenish (no where near a white if you put it actually next to white).
I think the issue with the image printed is that they don't account for the area that's the side of the keycaps.
If I were to somehow flatten out the keycaps so that the sides are visible from the top, then I think the image may be more coherent. As is, the break in the image between keycaps are not properly aligned and give you a very distorted print. Made worse if your keyboard has natural incline.

I have since put these keycaps away and use them when I need spare keycaps to do experiments with. I would never put these on an actual keyboard I use.
Don't ignore the slight green tinge on these. They're way uglier in real life. Absolutely hideous.
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I thought the same way you did, but notice this current drop is for "Plum Blossom" and the link you gave is for their "Cherry Blossom". If you look at their Plum Blossom page, the green is definitely much more muted (basically yellow) than their Cherry Blossom. Maybe I'll eventually order the Cherry Blossom from them, just to get the nicer mint green look.
Oh, derp, you're right.
Buyer beware, every time this set has dropped it has been the same issues each time, not getting them, warped/broken/missing keys, the fact the picture you'll have isn't even remotely close to what is shown and the fact the keys are more yellow then white. I would steer clear of this keyset also seeing as the maker has yet to acknowledge any issues people report. 2/10 would not buy again or recommend to anyone
My keys were all good and present. The only key that had an issue was the space bar. I see others had an issue with that too. On mine, there is a very slight warp that prevents proper actuation when pressing on the left side of the space bar.
Hard to see in the pic, but the keys are fairly yellow-ish. In addition, there's no coherent picture. The keys are significantly different than in the mockup image. Not really what I expected.
Yours is more coherent than mine. Mine looks like they jumbled most of the keys up in a random order before applying the image.
Is anyone's keys more yellow than expected? I thought the background of my keys would be more whiteish instead of yellow white.

Admittedly, it's hard to see in this image but in person it's extremely noticeable. In the picture though, you can tell that the keys don't match the background white keyboard. The picture is similar but also not the same as the picture shown for the keycaps.
Mine are grody off-yellow with random speckling all over it - and the dye sub looks really ugly, too. Like they messed up on it. Looks really awful compared to the images provided here.

The spacebar is also broken in some way - it sticks when oriented in the default position but is smooth when upside-down. Ashiraki has the same problem with his, I think.
space bar is warped or something. Result = sticky spacebar
Mine too.
Already bought this extraordinary Sakura keyboard on Amazon:
I'll get it next week:)

I have this set with blank legends that I can ship out this week, if anyone is interested.
I am, anyway for me to contact you?
PM me on reddit /u/Stagione
Can't wait to put it on my Drevo Excalibur 84-key keyboard. :D
I'm hoping that the 0 numpad key can be placed on the right shift for this keyboard.
Please bring in an option for iso layout.
Will this work on the tesoro gram spectrum?