Polaroid Lightweight Polarized Aviator Sunglassessearch

Polaroid Lightweight Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Polaroid Lightweight Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

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Cool $9.99 with free shipping on ebay
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It will be china copy not original Polaroid
Sorry, do you believe these $10 sunglasses are made in US?
Love these so much I'm joining the drop again to have a spare. <3
Just received this, great sunnies for the price. Can't really tell if they're polarized though, unlike my oakley polarized sunnies, these don't seem to warp light from my cell phone but didn't seem to get any glare driving around town on a very sunny day... even if not polarized, $28.50 ex-shipping is a still a heck of a value for the sunny.
Actually, if you're a pilot, you never wear polarized glasses because they can prevent you from looking at cockpit computer screens, they diminish glare from sun hitting other plane wings which can help you avoid collisions mid-air... so the words "polarized aviator" really don't go together lol
Come on, pedant. It's referring to the style of the glasses, not literally its practical suitability for aviation.
There was a time when all the instruments in a cockpit were analog, maybe that's when polarized aviators where valid?
The description says
“these shades feature Polaroid branding on both temple tips.”

How is that a feature?!

It should be listed under Dealbreaker.
What's the size of these glasses?
Are these RX-able?
  • Lens width: 56 mm? meh... 62mm Maybe.
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Terrible. Way giant off the face isn't stylish at all. It's like a kid trying to wear his dad's clothes... just silly looking.
not that much giant. its a different taste style... i like it but you should not.. and That's normal.
Do these have double-jointed hinges?
Polaroid? 🤔
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You could do a little research before you offer incorrect/incomplete information. Polaroid's optic branch is currently a subsidiary of the Safilo group. After Luxottica they're the second largest manufacturer of sunglasses in the world. The same company also owns Carrera and Smith Optics.
I bought into this drop because I own two other pairs of Polaroid Sunglasses and while I wouldn't call them high end (i.e. Shwood) they're good for the price and extremely light weight (a quality I prefer in sunglasses).
Wow thanks! Carrera and Smith are real eye openers.
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