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Polk MagniFi Mini Home Theater Sound System

Polk MagniFi Mini Home Theater Sound System

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Clap your buttcheeks together. You'll get a better sound than this thing is capable of outputting.
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Very obvious. There is only one slot. It's an input or output.
NO Sorry but I read the post here ,, it doesnt have slots ,,it has 1 opical digital port and 1 hdmi arc port.
I bought this for a small living room in my home ,, Im in love with it, btw its a 5.1 system and does Dolby Digital. ,, Read what Audioholics has to say about this unit, August 28, 2017 21:00 review
Would this be good system for a desktop PC??
I closed the tab as soon as I read " 150 watts of total output".
...then I came back to write this, because I want massdrop to be better.
FYI, massdrop staff who added this drop, it's a sign of lo-fi cheapness to use that sort of misleading "total power" number. It's even illegal in some countries. Copying it from the manufacturer's description is not a good look.
Expired by now but this soundbar has been occasionally offered at less than $180 from Adorama and other vendors.

We got this for $199 a couple of months ago and it is awful. It sounds tinny, thin and muffled and has no bass (yes, I'm sure it's hooked up properly). Everyone in our house much prefers the tv speakers. And it keeps turning itself on even when you try to turn it off, and. Not just auto starting when you turn the tv on but while you're watching tv. I do not recommend this product at any price.
I have this, keep in mind it is meant for a bedroom not a living room. With that in mind, I love the flexible inputs, easy remote programming (operate it with my VIZIO remote seamlessly), and wireless subwoofer.
no international shipping?
Nice design, but would like to see the soundbar module with the power wire sticking out, as that is what I would be looking at most of the time. The sub with wires does not really matter. Would be nice if they offer the soundbar of this set with extra integrated batteries with Qi wireless charging as an deluxe option. You know in the daytime you just charge your soundbar in a wireless Qi cradle ready for when you need it like a electric toothbrush... ;-)

The Good :
The affordable Polk MagniFi Mini is capable of a much bigger sound than its minuscule size suggests. The package is compact and will fit easily into most living room setups. The ability to Cast directly from your phone simplifies music streaming.

The Bad:
The Wi-Fi connection on my test unit was unreliable, and the ARC-only HDMI input limits connectivity somewhat.

The Bottom Line:
The Polk MagniFi Mini's mix of features, performance and compact size makes it one of the best sound bars for the money.
I own this, it's a great unit and there were some initial issues with the WiFi pairing of the sound bar and the subwoofer. I had to disable all my home wireless networks and it paired fine. Have had it for about 3 months now, no disconnects since.
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