Polygonal Mini Iceland Wood & Resin Artisan Keycapsearch

Polygonal Mini Iceland Wood & Resin Artisan Keycap

Polygonal Mini Iceland Wood & Resin Artisan Keycap

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I think these would be super nice if there was a version similar to the shape of these.
Selling my Valley (green) from the first drop. Looks as pictured here with no issues or defects. Just found the green doesn't quite match hue I was going for. Shipping from Los Angeles, CA. Would prefer to keep it USA shipping.

Not trying to be a hater but there were a lot of problems with the original Iceland caps from the previous GB. See discussion thread


I have two of these - lagoon and valley from the previous run and I’d be willing to sell them for much less , you’d probably get them much sooner too, pm me if anyone’s interested
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Do they look like the pictures?
I received mine, and it looks as pictured, no issues.
In the previous mini iceland drop I was told a week after the estimated ship date that they were out of stock for 1 of the 4 caps I had ordered. I had to complain to three different support staff to be placed on a waiting list to receive all four, since other people had received completely messed up artisans why shouldn't I be able to wait for a replacement? Finally receive the four caps and one of them is in the wrong profile with a functional but cracked stem. SIIIIIIIGGGHHHHHHH
Man, these are some really amazing keycaps. I'd love to own some but unfortunately for me it just isn't in the budget. Keep up the good work guys! These are awesome!
Will these be able to fit Kailh Box switches?
These are so beautiful but I cant find a spot on my keyboards that it will look good at. Help me... :(
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just buy one for every single key! :p
Then save those 40 bucks :P
Hi guys,

The Polygon mini iceland had been finished the shape already,then I will go to the most
important and complex step,choose and sand,you know this keycaps have almost 18 surfaces,and the surface is so small.
Anyway for the first Mini-Iceland keycap's experience I will choose the keycaps much more carefully,hope you guys can received the satisfied artisan keycaps.
BTW,almost my products is made by wood and resin,actually it is too random that the keycaps you received might a little different with the pictures shown on Massdrop,please understand the handcrafted and Nature products.

Thanks all~
will this fit my keyboard? its the following https://www.amazon.com/Razer-BlackWidow-Stealth-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B01NAEDGWM please and thanks
Razer Orange switches (BlackWidow stealth) seem to have the same stem as Razer Greens (BlackWidow), so I would assume yes. I know for certain that Razer Greens work with Cherry MX–compatible keycaps.
Which version is everyone getting?

Trying to decide between the glacier and lagoon. I like the idea of a lagoon better but the glacier one looks mesmerizing lol.
honestly most my artisan's have been pretty durable a few even have seen duty as my escape key which gets used frequently. Typically a artisan goes on a key you won't use much if ever. There meant more for a display so they can be a bit more fragile then normal caps. As far as price goes 39.99 is pretty cheap for a artisan. Lot of creators have been raising there price it seems. I am ok with that because there lot of time and energy that goes into the caps. I just wish they do more. instead of 15 piece limited raffle style sale a lot of them do.
I'm just trying to figure out where to put it. I also want to get walnut wood keycaps and add to the design of my keyboard but not sure where to put them.. My keyboard looks like this right now. They are black and white vortex pbt keycaps.
I hate how expensive these caps are. Can't decide if I prefer glacier or lagoon though.
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If you are going for these tho the Valley or Lagoon one looks pretty imo.
I was between the glacier and lagoon. The glacier looks really mesmerizing. I like the idea of lagoons better but from pics don't look as good as I'd hope.