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POM Electro-Capacitive Keycap Set

POM Electro-Capacitive Keycap Set

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Make Your Electro-Capacitive Board Happy

Compatible with the Topre electrostatic capacitive keyboard interface, this set of keycaps is perfect for the Happy Hacking Keyboard and other keyboards with Topre switches. The material used to make them is POM, also known as Delrin. Fairly uncommon in the keycap world, POM is durable, strong, and has a feel that’s almost wet to the touch. It’s not quite as dense as PBT and ABS, but it’s very satisfying nonetheless.

Note: At checkout, you can add the Add-On Kit for (+ $7).


  • 62 keys (base set)
  • Material: POM
  • Compatible with Topre and electro-capacitive switches


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