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POOP: Brown Bag Combo & Expansions Bundle

POOP: Brown Bag Combo & Expansions Bundle

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Let’s face it, everybody poops. So why not bond over this universal experience at your next game night? This Uno-style game is a fun and irregular way to get kids involved or relieve the tension in a stuffy room. Each player is dealt 5 cards, which are played turn by turn until one person runs out and is crowned the winner—make sure not to clog the toilet or you’ll be stuck with every card in the pile! Along the way players are prompted to perform crazy acts, which only add to the excitement. Try the drinking version for adult-only parties.

Note: This drop includes POOP, POOP: Party Pooper Edition, POOP: Public Restroom Edition, and CACA: El Juego expansion packs. Drop is limited to 60 units.

POOP: Brown Bag Combo & Expansions Bundle

Included Expansions

This drop comes with the original game and a variety of expansions to stink things up. The Party Pooper Edition features 50 new cards and interactive wild cards to keep things hot and fresh. The Public Restroom Edition takes things up yet another notch. It includes 50 more cards, extra wild cards, and allows up to 15 players to participate with three simultaneous toilets in play. CACA: El Juego is the all-Spanish version of the original game, which comes with english translations to help you learn another language while playing.

POOP: Brown Bag Combo & Expansions Bundle
POOP: Brown Bag Combo & Expansions Bundle
POOP: Brown Bag Combo & Expansions Bundle


  • Published by Feels Right Design
  • Designed by Blaise Sewell
  • Players: 2 – 10 (up to 15 with expansions)
  • Playing time: 15 min
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up


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