Pop!: Vocaloid + Babymetal (2-Pack Set)
Pop!: Vocaloid + Babymetal (2-Pack Set)

Time to Get Vocal

While these figures won’t sing, they will bring some harmony to your desktop. Comprising five different figures from both Vocaloid and BabyMetal, this set brings to life some of the most popular Japanese singers around. Choose from the spunky metal teens Su-Metal, Yui-Metal, and Moa-Metal, or choose a Vocaloid like Hatsune Miku or Megurina Luka.

Note: At checkout, choose two figures from the following five options: Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Su-Metal, Yui-Metal, and Moa-Metal.

Pop!: Vocaloid + Babymetal (2-Pack Set)
Pop!: Vocaloid + Babymetal (2-Pack Set)

Model Options

Hatsune Miku
Megurine Luka


  • Funko POP!
  • Vinyl
  • Height: About 3.75 in (9.5 cm)


  • Your choice of 2 figures


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