Pops Custom Clips: Spyderco/Chevron Deep Carrysearch

Pops Custom Clips: Spyderco/Chevron Deep Carry

Pops Custom Clips: Spyderco/Chevron Deep Carry

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@ pops
Question regarding fitment on custom scales, just got a Para 3 in M4 and added Allen Putman scultpted scales on it. These particular scales have a notch sunk in the scale for the footprint of the stock clips to drop into, would this be an issue of your clips not sitting flush?
Tl;dr : are your clips wider at the base where you screw in than a stock clip
(I ordered a satin and stonewash anyways, I buy enough Paras they'll find a home eventually.
I would have to see the scales you are referring to as I am not familiar with them, but just in general principle if there was a recess in the handle made to the shape of the base of the factory Spyderco clip, my feeling is that there would be a fitment issue.
The reason isn't just the shape of the clip at the point of attachment not lining up. It would be the fact that my clips are a deep carry design so the bend needs to sit at the same level as the screws. I hope that answers your question.
That certainly does, since I've received the scales, I took a look at another deep carry clip I have and you're right, the mounting area for the screws clears but the bend in the deep carry will get in the way. Guess this Para 3 keeps the icky stock clip... (I'm enjoying the scales too much to bother switching) Gotta find more knives to attach your clips to then
PopsCustomClips are you at any point entertaining the idea of collaborating on a drop for clips for the Ferrum Forge Crux/Falcon on Massdrop by chance. Would only be fitting seeing as it's a product that has been sold exclusively on here 😉
I have spoken to Massdrop about running the Falcon/Crux clips, which are the same, since last year and nothing agreed to yet. However, in the meantime, I do sell them on my shop. Please check them out at: www.popscustomclips.com
Thanks, Pops
Will this fit my kitchen knife from Walmart?
It's the 8" chef knife, to be specific.
Probably not.
Not for manix2?
The hole pattern will definitely fit the Manix 2. The bend will be a little long, extending about 1/8 - 1/4" over the end of the handle. The Manix 2 XL has the screws holes further into the handle and the bend works out nicely. - Pops
Great responses!!!

I'll wait for another drop for Your Clpis for Manix2 XD!

If you can provide,Stone wash with light blue Anodized finish will be cool!
Will these fit the benchmade 940?
No, sorry, different hole pattern on the Benchmade folders. Thanks, Pops
Alright thanks man
How does this feel with a military? im hoping the holes are the same spacing as the pm3
These clips will not work with the Military. Check out the Overview for a list of compatible models. - Pops
Which models are shown in pictures 4 and 7? They resemble the Delica and Endura with the wave openers, but the backspacer and handle cutouts look really funky.
Nice catch. You are not SpyderNerd for nothing! Thats my Endura 4 Wave with the Glock armorer's tool made by Lone Wolf Distributing. One of my prized spydies! - Pops
And here I was thinking I knew enough about Spyderco knives. That's awesmome!
Just curious to see if this would fit the Taurus knife?
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its not a spyderco knife but just eyeballing it the clip holes look the same size but i just really need a new clip for it
Sorry, cannot say as I am not familiar with this clip.