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Porsche Design Book One Touchscreen Notebook

Porsche Design Book One Touchscreen Notebook

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amd inside?
No. It has a real processor.
So, just to throw my hat into the ring, I still don't think this is a good deal. Previously, I threw in the example of the Asus q325, which for roughly the same price served a similar form and function, albiet without thunderbolt 3. But, having been in the market for a windows tablet for some time now, I wanted to spread some more information.

Right now, on ebay, it's entirely possible to get a used surface book for a huge discount compared to this device. And those devices will be rocking 6th gen i7 chips. So, not as powerful, almost half the price, and all the pretty bells and whistles. I myself got lucky and picked up an open-box from my local best buy for the cool price of $450, although mine was the i5/8GB/128g varient.

But, moving past that, there are also a myriad of tablets online as well, such as the dell latitudes, lenovo thinkpad X1 tablets, and HP Pro and Elite X2, all for some very nice discounts, with varying storage and ram options.

Now, none will look or feel quite as nice as this laptop, and if you've got the money to spend and the specs meet your needs, then i'm all for it. But there are options, and I felt it would be best to share them.
If anyone wants something similar but WAY cooler, check out Eve. Their stuff is amazing (my friend has one and I've used it a couple times). Touchpad is decent, could use some work, but overall it is great.
Whoops this is the link if anyone is interested:
What's with all the hate for this laptop? I'm sure the build quality is excellent and the design looks awesome. Sure the hardware isn't the latest, but how many people own Macs that have integrated graphics and paid $2000+ ? For this design language, $1300 seems just about right.
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Sjw = Social justice warriors
Basically it's almost like what that aaroniush guy lul
Oh, got you! I generally have to pay more attention to my MD "watchers" but I'll add those SJWs to my list!
--much thanks!
1.4k on Newegg.
Save $20. Woo.

1300 with a promo code
" $1,299.99 "
HA! Nice fucking find dude. Same model and everything.
The keyboard looks aweful. So not only are the specs pitiful, it is also likely a crap show to use.
Aweful? Is that meant to be good?
Good one! :D
Over $1k for a 7th gen i7? Tell him he's dreamin'! This is pure marketing wank.
You can get a much slicker MS surface product, or pretty much ANY better spec'd machine for the same price.
Substance > branding.
SERIOUSLY, except for the looks everything else is way too meh! I hope this was only a April fools joke in June.

@Napoleonove7 nailed it pretty good.
Windows 10. Enough said.
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Rational comments?!!!!
The hell with that, this is Massdrop!
What a civilized, beautifully written comment. Nice to wake up to -- thank you.