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has a little more background on the steel, and a review
Chroma again......
Still waiting for an interesting knife choice to show up in the kitchen section
Doesn't look very comfy.
The steel used in these is absolute junk. Stainless 301 is normally not considered a knife steel. It is stainless, but won’t hold an edge for crap. These might be good butter knives.
I’m pretty sure at some point I’ll grab the wrong end..
Pretty good prices on these knives. And if you're a fan of the show Hannibal, these were featuring pretty prominently through the first two seasons, especially in the season 2 opener:


Hey Everyone,

The handle isn't flat... The photos they displayed are just about the worst ones possible lol. Check out this video to see the true profile of the knife handle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3WXM35iPTg
Thank you for posting this!

I occasionally do product photography - not so much for ad copy as for documentation - and I have to say, given the ACTUAL handle profile on these knives, the photos on the listing have to be some of the worst product photographs I've ever seen. Thank you for posting a video to clear that up.
Happy to help!
Design over function has no place in the kitchen.
did you google the knife to see a better picture of the profile?
Not really, why they didn't post it here?
Chroma Type 301 steel: http://www.zknives.com/knives/steels/type_301.shtml

Very likely that it's just an AUS-6 derivative which I wouldn't even call a budget steel. On top of that the knives look pretty much non-functional.
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I see. I’m not a professional chef, but I have used my set of Globals for almost a decade now consistently and without such issues. That said I’d not use a sharp knife with oily hands, no matter who made it. Perhaps I’m just nore cautious than most. Any cuts I’ve suffered have been my fault, not the knives.
You shouldn't try using them if your hands are not totally clean and dry, which basically means you're constantly having to soap, wash and dry your hands when you're cooking/prepping.

It's not that big a deal with home cooking, but it's a disadvantage specifically inherent to knives that have smooth metal handles, which is why it they are so rare to see in knives used commercially/professionally.

Cuts are always the user's fault, the knife if just a tool, if you don't keep them sharp, and you end up in the ER for stitches or appendage reattachments, it's not the knife's fault.
Nice looking knives. I am concerned a wet hand could slip forward onto the blade...not much of a finger guard on the slimmer models. Is there a grip? Don't think the metal pearl would prevent an accident...
The shape of the handle makes it unlikely that you would slip. I have only used the larger knives there the blade makes a natural guard but I've never had any problem holding the knife even though the handle is smooth.

(I've posted a couple of positive comments about these now. I'm not really endorsing just trying to share my experience. I'm not a professional chef nor a knife expert.)
How thick is the handle? and are the edges rounded, or is there more of an edge?
A detailed picture of one of the handles would be appreciated...
The handle is tapered. There are plenty of images on the web.
Personally I find it quite comfortable.