Porsche Design P'6351 Flat Six Automatic Watchsearch

Porsche Design P'6351 Flat Six Automatic Watch

Porsche Design P'6351 Flat Six Automatic Watch

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Has anyone had any issues with their watch that they needed to get service? Mine has stopped running properly. I know there is no AD stamp on the card, but my assumption is that these were sourced directly from PD. Can anyone help?
I had missed out on this drop but later I found good deal on the same model with rubber strap on eBay. After two months they stopped working. Went to my local horologist, he disassembled it and found rust on movement parts like gears, screws, springs etc. He had to clean each of 200+ parts and now the watch works fine. Hope this helps!
Just arrived today! From Germany so no taxes for us Euro guys. woop woop!
Only one question: The guarantee card is not filled out. What do i do? Massdrop purchase invoice will be enough if its needed? Or i need to carry the watch to an AD with the invoice so he can stamp it? Just out of curiosity, as currently the watch is terrific. Basically is the best watch ive had ever!
For products that do not have an included manufacturer's warranty, members have 30 days from the date of delivery to report an issue. For products that include a manufacturer's warranty, members must report an issue within the stated warranty period. So we don`t have any warranty for this watch!!
Love my watch! It's really sharp and seems to be keeping excellent time.
Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

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what was the price on this drop? seems I missed it :(
599$ instead of 3950$
ty!! that was a steal, almost 85% off wow, good buy for sure.
Was lucky enough to get in just under the wire. I'm also curious who the seller actually is. Is it Massdrop, Porsche Design, or some other authorized retailer ? I sent an inquiry to Massdrop, and am awaiting a response. My main concern is the warranty coverage with this watch. Gonna be a long wait till they ship, for me at least. Anxious to see it up close and personal.
AFAIK, Massdrop acts as a mass buyer for Porsche Design. These watches should carry a standard guarantee issued by the manufacturer, so i guess that if you have an issue it doesnt matter werther you are a purchaser in Vilnius, Seoul, Boston or Milano; you just contact your national authorized seller and it should work.
from where do they ship from?
Well, it seems i entered in the final stretch! Excited to live the whole experience here at Massdrop, this has been my first purchase!
How to adjust the bracelet?
From what I can see it either is adjustable via pins or screws. Either way your local jeweler would be able to recognize it and adjust it for you.
From the pics, reckon that it's pin. Got my watch tools ready.....
No news on the warranty?
Shame, no white dial face stainless steel version...
I was just wondering if the watch comes with a signed warranty card
How durable is the gunmetal band on this watch? A scratch or a knick with metal showing would annoy the hell out of me. That's what puts me off dark colored watches.
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Or maybe that's just the case that has PVD. Not sure.
If you like scratch proof black watches, rado is what you are looking for. I have one and the entire watch really is scratch/scuff proof