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Power Grid Deluxe Bundle & Expansions

Power Grid Deluxe Bundle & Expansions

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Sparks Will Fly

Supercharge your network of power plants by gathering resources and supplying power to as many people as you can in Power Grid Deluxe. By organizing, plotting out, and bidding for new locations, players grow their electric empire and extend influence throughout the map. But beware because as you purchase more power plants, newer, more efficient plants pop up, potentially rendering obsolete your hard-earned facilities. With an expansive double-sided game board, customized wooden parts, and an entire deck of power plants, Power Grid Deluxe is the perfect game to jumpstart your board game nights.

Note: This bundle includes Power Grid Deluxe, Power Grid Card Expansion, Power Grid: Russia & Japan, Power Grid: The Robots, and Power Grid: The Stock Companies. Limited to 36 units.

Power Grid Deluxe Bundle & Expansions

Card Expansion

This brand new set of cards can be used in place of the original deck, or in tandem with it for added strategy. Each card is outlined in green so you can decipher which cards are from the original game, and which are newly introduced.

Power Grid Deluxe Bundle & Expansions
Power Grid Deluxe Bundle & Expansions

Power Grid: Russia & Japan

Spread your power grid to Russia and Japan with this double-sided expansion. In Russia, power plant markets are restricted and the exchange rules for out-of-date power plants are altered, which means those in front will have a harder time maintaining their lead. In Japan, players can start two separate networks. Because of Japan’s crowded geography problem, players must change strategy to conquer the foreign market.

Power Grid: The Robots

Best with two players, but compatible with up to five, this expansion introduces a new opponent—a robot that acts as an additional player. Manage the robot’s moves and special abilities and use it to your advantage to take out the competition.

Power Grid: The Stock Companies

This expansion offers three new ways to play Power Grid. The base game has players acting as stockholders vying for control of assets to acquire wealth. The second version pits players against each other in a competition to buy up the most shares of companies that produce the most electricity. The third version allows players to establish their own electricity companies and sell shares to other players to become a power tycoon.

Power Grid Deluxe Bundle & Expansions
Power Grid Deluxe Bundle & Expansions


  • Designed by Friedemann Friese
  • Artwork by Harald Lieske
  • Players: 2 – 6
  • Playing time: 120 min
  • Recommended for ages 12 and up


  • Power Grid Deluxe (Europe/North America)
  • Power Grid Card Expansion
  • Power Grid: Russia & Japan
  • Power Grid: The Robots
  • Power Grid: The Stock Companies
  • Massdrop 1-Year Limited Warranty


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