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prAna Men's Bronson Pants

prAna Men's Bronson Pants

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These are not "apparel" pants, they're climbing pants.

Really though, prAna has great climbing pants. I wish they'd have chosen a different style with more color options.
30" inseam, what is this? a pair of pants for ants?
ONLY 30" inseam ?!?

If you do like this (discontinued) color, Sierra Trading Post has them for $25 with 30-, 32-, and 34-inch inseams.
Thanks for the hookup! Nabbed the second to last pair!
This will go perfectly with my stained wifebeater shirt to capture that "escaped convict" aesthetic
No 34 inch inseam. No go.
there was a recent discussion on why there is little support for fashion drops. It's because of color choices like this that Massdrop is not getting a stronger following on apparel.
baby food yellow? pass.
It seems we cannot choose color? Bummer cuz that's one ugly color:(
Need measurement chart.
bummer no tall guy sizes =(
Yeah :(
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