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Prepara EVAK Fresh-Saver Storage Containers

Prepara EVAK Fresh-Saver Storage Containers

Where's the price?
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For the smallest size, Mini: 6 oz (0.75 cup), 4.4” x 2.63” x 5.2”, is it only a single container or is it a three-pack like this?

>A Handy Flavor Saver in 5 Sizes >can only choose between 4 sizes 🤔😔
These are great. Highly recommended. Have 3 large from the original Kickstarter design. The new lid design is even better than the Kickstarter handles. Wish I could get only the new lid design.
Extra Large for 1 KG bags of coffee please!
A steal compared to Amazon Canada! I bought one to try keeping my coffee and it looks pretty darn snazzy in my kitchen:

Would have loved to pickup a medium.
I was going to pick up 3 for coffee, guess we weren't the only procrastinators.
Oh well, I'll wait for the next drop. Or maybe I'll just buy the cheaper plastic ones, hmmm.
I see mediums on eBay for $13-15 (other sizes are also not much more on eBay than on here. Large for $20.17)
Why is this see through? Doesn't letting light in kill the point of keeping freshness?? It is not only about the gas release and air.
They could atleast darken it.
For that you buy an airscape container lol
It's the aesthetic. Wrap it in heavy paper, keep it in a cupboard.
Anyone putting home roasted coffee in this? I am assuming that the carbon dioxide from freshly roasted coffee would just be vented through the one-way valve?
Can I keep soup in these?
From what I saw on Amanzon reviews, people said liquid / viscous things dont hold well / it doesnt create a great seal / caused issues with the vent on the lid.
Where are these made?
I have one of the tall ones, and I store my coffee beans in it. It holds a full pound, and mine came with the tall handle. I really like it.
"coffee beans"
Yes, coffee beans.
A number of these appear to be cheaper on amazon.
Be careful comparing, some (most) of the cheaper ones are BPA free plastic, and not glass.
You're right! Thanks for pointing out the distinction.
why doesn't the extra-large size show up as a purchase option?
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The arch lid is not an option in this drop, it only comes on the Mini.
Thanks for the update!