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New drop is up but they dropped the stove paw and repair kit.

I'll wait
Nextime give us the ability to buy the silencer, stove paw, and the service kit. Having to pick and choose was bizarre. Also the 0.6 bottle would be more popular and in addition instead of the heavy primus bag get a version that comes with their lightweight bag
Anybody else having the issue that they cant order both the stovepaw and the service kit? Why are they mutually exclusive? I definitely want the service kit and I know I probably want the stovepaw....annoying.
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Which part
Not making a big deal about this, but since you asked;
ordered the stove with the service kit.
Would have also liked to have been able to order the snowpaw with it.
I love mine - great stove. Does anyone know if there's a lamp you can use with the same bottle fixture. I've had no luck finding one - maybe someone here knows something?

What is the service kit for?

Does one really need it for below moderate use?
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If your only using whitegas it takes much less maintenance. If your putting dirty fuel through it your definitely going to want it.
Thanks (both of you) :)
Is there anyway i can purchase two silencers ?
I would like to purchase two silencers with my order is this possible ?
Great stove--love mine--but Massdrop should get them with the silencer. Otherwise, you'll wake all the bears hibernating if you fire this puppy up in Yellowstone during the Winter months!!
We've added the model with the silencer for this drop. Plus a few optional add-ons for ya :)
I just received the email saying that it shipped. Thank you.

Me too! :D
Any update on the ship date or cause of the delay?

Any update on the ship date for the drop estimated to ship on April 27, 2018?
The email didn't give any clues as to how long the delay would be.
Thanks in advance.
Tempted to get this for a backpacking trip to the Arctic. Before duty, the Massdrop price is $100CAD cheaper than at a popular outdoor store in Canada. However, shipping to Canada via DHL always has COD that's hard to calculate in advance. Could add another $50-70CAD. Still saving but shipping by USPS would be a better deal.
Shipping to Europe is only $14.25
What is the working temperature range for this primus. I've had issues with some primus in sub 10 c range before and fiddling with the primus at those conditions is the last thing you want.
This is meant to work over a very wide temp range, including well below freezing. 10C shouldn't be a problem for any stove, even canister stoves. Maybe your stove was clogged or defective?