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Principle Matter 32" Curved 165Hz QHD 1ms Monitor

Principle Matter 32" Curved 165Hz QHD 1ms Monitor

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

If anyone decides to ask for a refund before their order ships please let me know if we can work out a deal as I missed the drop after deliberating for too long
Deal's expired
It was a Christmas special. We'll ensure to offer a similar saving at next Christmas.
has anyone gotten g-sync to work o this? serious thinking of buying but have a gtx 1080 and want it to work
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@PrincipleMatter Do you guys have a recent Nvidia cards so you could at least test to update us if it works even without certification? I got in the drop and now I'm wondering if I should get a new video cards to get the freesync also. Thanks! Can't wait to get the thing =)
We have heard your request. We are in the process to test and find out. We will post result shortly.
I've been following this monitor for some time now and I've been wondering 1) Is the color reproduction an issue with this monitor as in it doesn't match that of a more well known panel such as Dell or Samsung and is closer to like a Viotek. 2) I've read that display port must be used in order to achieve the 165hz 1440p, if that is the case, will a HDMI to display port adapter achieve this when using a laptop as the output source?
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Next drop shouldn't wait too long...
Does it have built-in speakers? any sound? if so how many power watts (2,4, 8w)?
No, this model does not have built-in speaker. It just has Audio Out port. Thank you.
Are you going to try to get Nvidia G-Sync certification for this monitor? Nvidia recently announced that certain freesync monitors will be certified for G-Sync use.
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...ok keep thinking Nvidia started to support freesync because Nvidia was completely dominant with gysnc. The ways fanboys will try to spin things around is pretty funny. I am done with this topic
But they were “cherry picking” bad monitors, that’s how they highlight the issues when it doesn’t work. Anywho, monitors are being tested by the public and reports are trickling in, more monitors than the 12 Nvidia “certified” are working flawlessly (testimonials, not Nvidia’s hidden standard). Freesync/adaptive sync range of monitors seems to play the largest factor of getting it working, with a ‘hack’ using CRU to change this range if necessary. Other than the fact that it can only be enabled over Displayport atm, quality Freesync monitors are allowing quality G-sync experiences without the G-sync tax.
Is it possible to get a video of possible ghosting? since this is happens more often on a va panel?
+83 USD for shipping? can anything be done on this price?
$83 USD for shipping? are you in Canada? I know they apply the duty tax on monitor shipped from US. No more tax free NAFTA.
With the help of principal matter which by the way are very attentive, I managed to get a solution to my Xbox one x running at 120hz!
I don't think the headphones port is working. I have my Nintendo Switch plugged into the monitor using HDMI, made sure the mute is off and turned the volume to 100 and got nothing but a buzz. I did this on my older BenQ monitor and it worked fine.
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Did you receive the update device and complete the update? Let us know how it goes. Thank you.
I did indeed. The firmware update was reasonably straightforward and it worked like a charm! Now audio works flawlessly through HDMI and DP. Thank you.
I bought this monitor with the answer from PM being via HDMI the monitor will do 144hz. Turns out this is not true. It appears freesync is NOT supported via HDMI capping the refresh rate at 61.7. my XBOX one x will do 1440p with 120hz. But with this monitor nothing has worked. Open to suggestions that work or a refund due to misleading info.

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Hi. Thank you. Just sent you an email
I have Display port to HDMI up to 120 mhz, look for the cable in Amazon.
I just got mine, and it's really bad. Gamma is way too low in the brighter colors (there is very little difference between the colors) and red is worse than the other colors. Looking at the lagom gamma test the gamma value for red appears to be below 1.2, and green and blue are below 1.8 even after changing to the 2.4 gamma preset. Other gamma presets are even worse and look extremely washed out. This monitor also has a ton of blurring. I know va panels have a lot of blur going from black to other colors but in the blurbusters ufo test there is a lot of smearing even between the bright yellow and green parts of the ufo and the cyan background, with overdrive enabled. I seriously doubt the response time is anywhere close to 1ms. The osd is controlled with a joystick, but was programmed to use four buttons, so up is select, down is cancel, and left and right navigate, which is really annoying since the settings are in a vertical list and I keep trying to use up or down to navigate. Also, the stand is adjustable with a nice max height but the horizontal part on the bottom is at a different angle from the monitor. It does run at 165hz out of the box, but that's about it for positives. So I'm about to file a claim with support and hopefully I can return this instead of having wasted $300.
What gaming monitors are you aware of that have perfect gamma? I know of... none. What 32" photo editing monitors are there for $300? None How many 32", 144hz+ monitors do you know of for only $300? I see... none (viotek is next at $350, everything else is $400+) Why you set your unrealistic expectations of having amazing color representation, high refresh rate, and a large screen for 30%-100% cheaper than the competition is astounding to me.
Just got mine in TX. No manual or hardware in the box so far as I can tell. Does anyone have suggestions for the VESA mount procedure? Doesn't seem intuitive to get the base arm off of the back.
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Hope this help. Thank you.

Is there an online manual for the monitor?
So when this week do you think it’ll be shipped? 🤔
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It's probably going to be at least a week or more until everyone else gets them, if they all shipped UPS ground. I just received mine yesterday, but I also live in California. Haven't turned it on yet, since I needed another DP cable.
Hello, all orders shipped out 12/20 Thursday from California. It depends on where you are, it can take 2 to 5 business days to arrive. Thank you.
Will there be a display port cable included??
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The included cable is super short (1.5m or so), so you may need to replace it depending on your setup.
Ok thanks for the heads-up👍
Will I need a DP 1.4 cable to run this monitor at 165hz?
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Ah, glad to see it's just a firmware update. But even then, I feel like not much will improve as I do not believe there is no content for the xbox that even goes over 60fps. Most games, if not all, are capped at 60fps or less. Maybe there's something that does output more than 60fps and I'm just not aware of it.
Try the PC version games...
can someone tell me how much this drop costed? I’m curious to know how the monitor was but I didn’t see the price
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Thank you for the reply, that is a super great deal I understand if it’s not permanent haha
finally... someone recognizes this is a great deal.
How is this a 1ms but curved? I thought it was impossible for a curved monitor to be TN?
This is a VA panel
I'm willing to try this thing out for the price, considering the specs. Looking forward to getting that sweet sweet shipping notification.
You should get the shipping notice next week.
The Specs says the response time is 1 ms (OC), so can I find out the response time of GTG?
We tested the respond time for GTG is 3ms
How many colour reproduction?
Color Reproduction result is a chart. I am not sure if thisdate will make sense to you. Minimum value 0.33 Max value 5.14 Average value 1.87
Better numbers would be sRGB and DCI-P3 for the more modern standard.
I always worry of color accuracy and light bleed effects
Color accuracy and light bleed effects are actually issue from two components. Color accuracy is related to the main board. You may not seen this issue often unless you mess with the firmware. Light bleeding mostly happen on a "open cell" panel monitor, which monitor manufacture designs its own backlight and enclosure, verse a original factory sealed panel module from the panel maker.
Are there any other monitors that use this panel?
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Took a chance on it
what time does this deal end? also jan 9, is that will it arives at your house? or seller
We have inventory in California warehouse. The drop ends tomorrow. Most likely we will start shipping next week. I doubt it’ll arrive on Jan 9, if you are in US.
Is there another way of purchase if i wont be able to join on time ?
You can wait till next drop. But I can’t promise the price will be as low as this drop.
seems like a good panel, I just bought a samsung, doh!! :(
Buy this one and try both. Put the one you don’t like on Craig’s list.
This deal looks to good to be true, if anyone has used this before, does it feel cheap? @Principle Matter do you have a website? or somewhere i check check reviews on this minitor? thanks
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On massdrop returns are generally only allowed for damage or defects. My question is if this ends up having huge gamma or hue errors, would that be considered a returnable defect?
If "huge gamma or hue errors", "lines across screen", or "half screen are gone" happen, that's definitely defects!
I'm very interested in getting this. Still hella sketchy though lol Also, if this is planned to ship as soon as the drop ends, will it arrive by Christmas?
Most likely we can starting shipping next week. It'll ship from California via ground. So it depends on where you are located. Thank you.
Very interested in purchasing but I have two questions. 1. Is that tab at the top removable? and 2. Am I free to return this whenever after purchase?
The tab is removable. About return policy, we follow Massdrop's return policy. But I am sure you'll like your purchase. Thank you.
Alright, I guess I'll give it a try. Not exactly my ideal size for this resolution, but has all the rest of the specs. All I can hope for is decent color calibration out of the box, and a non-terrible OSD.
Thank you for your support. I am sure you'll love it.
@PrincipleMatter can you work on a g-sync version at this price :P
Hello, the issue with G-Sync is the nVidia. They control the chipset and source code, only release them to the tier one monitor brand. If nVidia open the chipset and source code like AMD FreeSync to the market, I am sure the price will be competitive as well.
I did not know that, thank you for commenting!