Prometheus 2-Piece Lambda Top (Copper & Aluminum)search

Prometheus 2-Piece Lambda Top (Copper & Aluminum)

Prometheus 2-Piece Lambda Top (Copper & Aluminum)

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Aluminum, Copper & Epic Stability

As you may have guessed, this Prometheus Lambda top is made with two pieces of metal: a 6061 aluminum spindle and a tellurium copper ring. The hollow aluminum spindle lowers the center of gravity for better balance, while the copper ring adds weight to help the top center itself and spin longer. Even with all this effort, the simple act of mating two separate parts together always introduces some amount of error. What most makers won't tell you, is you might get a "perfect" top... but you might not. It's become clear that performance falls within a statistical distribution, and making every top perfectly isn't a realistic expectation. That said, the new two-piece top should (on average) spin even better than the original, as it's as close to perfection as Jason Hui's current skills and equipment will allow.

Note: At checkout, choose between the stainless steel tip and the ruby tip (+ $15). Quantities are limited to 50 units of each style.

Prometheus 2-Piece Lambda Top (Copper & Aluminum)
Prometheus 2-Piece Lambda Top (Copper & Aluminum)
Prometheus 2-Piece Lambda Top (Copper & Aluminum)

Which Top Is Which?

The main top offered is fitted with a stainless steel contact point, but if you want something more aesthetically bold, go for the ruby-tipped version. The ruby model can spin for up to 10 minutes with a little practice and a smooth, clean spinning surface. Each top is machined to the tightest tolerances a CNC lathe is capable of—and with his background in custom fabrication and product design, creator Jason Hui (who you may know from the Prometheus Alpha Pen or the Beta-QR flashlight) is happy to prove it.

Bearing Options

Stainless Steel
Ruby (+ $15)


  • Prometheus Lights
  • Material: C145 tellurium copper and 6061 aluminum
  • Knurled stem
  • Diameter: 1 in (2.5 cm)
  • Weight: 0.9 oz (25.4 g)
  • Made in the USA


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