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Prosport Manual Boost Controller

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Yeah nah. Get some real stuff Massdrop, I've got an eboost 2 going in my car soon.
Sorry, biggest mistake anyone can make fitting a manual boost controller to a turbocharged vehicle. Especially newer model cars.
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Sure, the manual boost controller manually adjusts waste gate pressure, no compensation for timing, fuelling etc is usually done, boost pressure also fluctuates.

With an ECU flash or tune, the boost can be increased along with other parameters that ensure a "safe" increase in boost pressure along with the appropriate A/F ratios (Air Fuel)

There are many articles that discuss manual vs electronic boost controllers, in most cases electronic boost controllers are used to accurately regulate increased boost in conjunction with a flash or tune.

Manual boost controllers put into modern turbo charged cars will just cause the ECU to retard timing and potentially identify a boost leak or throw error codes.

Hope this helps.
I appreciate your response, and I agree with you. I don't recommend members upgrade any part of their vehicle without researching first. I have had success in the past with a manual boost controller in my Saab, but that was an older car with significant modifications. I would run it between 7 and 15psi depending on the driving I was doing without throwing any codes, but as you stated newer cars will get very fussy about that kind of fluctuation.
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