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Hey all. This is obviously a much more controversial name than expected so we're going to take the drop down. Any further derogatory comments will either be deleted or moderated as they serve no purpose other than to deride a man based on personal opinions. Thanks.
Lame.. You guys should just remove the negative comments right away anyways. Letting a few ruin it for the rest. I work at a knife shop and know the owner of Protech. He's a great guy, and his products are top notch. This knife is fantastic and also legal in most all states (Protech specializes in switchblades). He also does many charity items such as this and wouldn't get involved if it didn't count for something. He could just sell the regular knife, but he decided to pair with this charity to help donate some proceeds. Put it up and moderate your comments better. The gentleman above who served our country has made his point on this the clearest with his comment.
Probably not wise to offer such a polarizing item at Massdrop. Almost as bad as offering something branded Donald Trump.
Say what you will about Chris Kyle but this is still an awful looking knife
Alright everyone, please bring the discussion back down. If you don't like the guy that's fine and don't buy the knife, but let's keep the comments civil. Thanks.
I'm a 2-time Iraq vet. 2 DIFFERENT wars, mind you. I spent 2 years of my life over there, and not because I wanted to.....I was honor-bound to do so. I COULD HAVE weaseled out of it......I didn't.

Never mind Chris Kyle, if you want to show ME respect for MY sacrifices, please cease the bashing going on in this discussion.

No, I don't know a thing about Chris Kyle personally, and haven't read the book. I did watch the movie *shrug*. I wasn't Special Ops or anything, just Joe Enlisted.

When you attack one Veteran, you attack us all. Why? We eat, sleep, work, fight, and shower together, 24/7. Privacy is pretty non-existent. Everyone who was over there is my surrogate brother or sister by association; without this type of camaraderie any military would fail spectacularly.

You are of course entitled to your freedom of speech. Just don't be surprised if other veterans like myself take attacks like this as a personal affront by association, and react accordingly. You don't mean to disrespect me, but you are.

Buy this knife or don't, but keep the discussion civil, please.
Regardless of what he did or didn't do, it still is wrong to speak ill of the dead.
No its not. I can talk ill of dead people however much I want. There are plenty of terrible dead people and they dont get immunity just because they are dead.
yes there are bad people who are now deceased, but in many of the comments posted it shows he was a good man, he committed the evil necessary to save many lives. i believe many veterans and those still in active service would answer for every shot they took to the Lord himself.
this knife looks bad and the Chris Kyle name just seems like a marketing idea to capitalize on the movie. I don't know anything about the man and never watched the movie or read his book, but the general consensus is he was not a great person, inflated or made up a lot of the stories he told and wrote about. People like Joe Rogan have tried to reason why he might have lied about killing more people than he did, killing black people during Katrina, and punching Jessie Ventura (which never happened), and the only rational that can be concluded is that he was doing it to make his story better to sell more books, or he just lied for internal psychological reason--be it PTSD, stress, coping or whatever. The fact that he did in fact kill people as a a sniper should have been enough to sell his book and satisfy the ego, there's no good justification for inflating those numbers or claiming (lying) he killed americans during katrina and punched ventura in the face like some tough guy. Even if he did suffer the trauma of war, I don't see other veterans lying about the stuff they did as a "coping mechanism." I will be surprised if this drop reaches 4.
The worst thing you can accuse him of is lying about killing people. He didn't shoot anyone during Katrina as the U.S. government didn't send SEALs to shoot looters.
I never said the SEALs were sent to katrina to kill looters. Chris Kyle said that he did this on his own as a civilian. He claimed to have killed 30 looters and killed two other people who tried to car jack him. I don't think there is any proof he killed anyone on american soil as he claims to have. I agree with you that he probably did not shoot anyone during Katrina--but he claims he did.
After he was done in the armed forces he spent his time helping those who didn't leave the services in as good a condition as him. He was killed by one of these men. Y'all are speaking ill of the dead which is not proper at all. Also, calling them savages was likely one of his coping mechanisms to help him deal with all the death around him and caused by him. People nowadays have no respect for anyone and that is wrong. He killed in circumstances a few men to save many more so callin him a shit of a human being for commiting the evil necessary to save many more lives just shows how close-minded people are now. Also, he only killed those who posed harm to him or his men.
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I dont have a dog in this fight, but lets not pretend this is a charity event. If you want to see money go to a charity, give directly to that charity. You would make much more of a difference giving the 270 to the charity than the likely fraction of a cent that will be given by the purchase of this knife
"When was he given the chance to do anything with the money? He as (sic) killed shortly after."

The book was released January 2, 2012. He was killed February 2, 2013.

The lack of transparency, not the fact he was a veteran, is at issue here. No IRS Form 990 on the Foundation site. Very opaque information on the Foundation in general. ZERO information on how much of each sale of this knife goes to the Foundation (and that's not Massdrop's fault; it's the fault of ProTech and the CKFF).

"I'm also not low enough to go online to a charity fundraiser in the name of a dead American marine and trash him either."

Kyle was an United States Navy SEAL, not a Marine, rank of Chief Petty Officer.
This looks like something the Franklin Mint would try to sell on one of those cards in Parade magazine from the Sunday paper.
Surprisingly too kitsch of a product to find on Massdrop.
Give it time.
Chris Kyle was a liar. He lied about punching Jesse Ventura, claimed he killed 30 looters during Katrina, 1/3 of his confirmed kills aren't confirmed, and legitimately enjoyed killing "savages".
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Well... they were pretty savage, no?
"Savage, despicable evil. That’s what we were fighting in Iraq. That’s why a lot of people, myself included, called the enemy ‘savages.’ There really was no other way to describe what we encountered there....The number is not important to me. I only wish I had killed more. Not for bragging rights, but because I believe the world is a better place without savages out there taking American lives. Everyone I shot in Iraq was trying to harm Americans or Iraqis loyal to the new government."