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PX Clothing Asher Curved-Hem Pullover

PX Clothing Asher Curved-Hem Pullover

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I’m wondering about the sleeve lengths for the M and L sizes. Does anyone have those measurements?
How long is this shirt (for the small size)?
how does this compare to the PX Clothing Zander Pullover?
I am getting the Zander soon- will report back on here.

Edit: Received the Zander. The stitching on the two seems a bit different, especially on the ends (bottom and cuffs). Asher feels a little softer on the outside, but that could be because it has been washed twice vs none on the Zander. Asher has a small breast pocket. Not seeing much else different aside from the main fabric design. Both are nice.
How long is this shirt? Thinking about taking an XL but if they run a little long I can take an L.
How tall are you ?
Broad shoulders?
What size do you normally wear ?
On the second wash the bottom of the sweater is lower on one side than the other.

Edit: Customer service has reached out to me to remedy the situation. Great service so far! Will post results of my interactions soon.

Edit 2: Received replacement sweater today. Feels like great quality like the first one, but I have not washed yet. Will report again after washing and hang drying this replacement. A few additional comments: I went with an XL this time around instead of L. The first sweater fit great off the bat, but after washing (+hang drying) it was snugger than I wanted. I am 6'1" about 220 lbs and usually always choose size L (for a slimmer profile look) unless the clothing fitting is very slim. I would say this sweater is not slim, but it is definitely not your traditional US sizing. My XL replacement feels more like a traditional L where the mid region is a little more roomy than I want, but it is very comfortable. I think for a comfortable sweater, a bit more roomy is the sweet spot for me. I am happy with the XL so far. Also, it should be noted that PX customer service was gracious enough to let me choose a different style- Zander. My gf will be getting the first Asher version.
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Pardon the delayed response. I’m so sorry to hear about the shrinking. Can you email us at customerservice@pxclothing.com with your address and what size/color you ordered. We’d like to send you another one on us.
Thank you for the quick and professional follow-up! I will post my results soon :)
Can you tell me the arm length measurements?
for which size?
Do we know how heavy these are? Is this more like a shirt or is it warmer than that?
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At this retail price, I'd expect it have either infinite or negative weight.
that's exactly what we were going for.
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