Suggested by ruby-journal in the poll: Cherry MX Sampler Kit
Know Before You Buy
The hardest part of picking out which mechanical keyboard to get is deciding which Cherry MX switch type to choose. Fortunately for you, the bright people over at Qwerkey’s have made you a delightful sampler plate of switches so you can make the best possible decision. This plate has Cherry MX Blue, Red, Brown, Black (the four most common) along side Green and White switches (two of the rarest switch types).
Our smallest keyboard yet!
You voted for it, and now we’ve got it! This sampler kit has clear keycaps and a stainless steel cover along with the switches. If you or your friends are curious about the wonderful world of mechanical keyboards, this is the perfect tool find out which keyboard matches your style.
  • Contains Cherry MX Blue, Red, Brown, White, Black and Green switches
  • Comes unassembled

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