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Ralph Lauren Sporting World Time Automatic Watch

Ralph Lauren Sporting World Time Automatic Watch

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For anyone out there, naysayers or those who see the value of this watch, I can say when you hold and look at this watch, it is obvious that it is worth every penny of the $2600 and more. End of story.
You completely missed the point. I am not a self-declared "watch geek" but I do own several fine watches that not only are attractive but have appreciated in value. The desirability of this watch (or lack thereof) is evidenced by how few people (one I believe) participated in this drop. A RL branded watch is not going to entice a lot of interest or excitement (plus it’s like strapping a wall clock to your wrist).
Folks, stop whining. If you don't want to spend $2500 on this watch just go spend the $10k+ on JLC Master Geographic. I would so jump on this watch if it wasn't so big.
The movement is immaterial. You are spending $2600 for a RL watch. Good luck with that.
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Exactly. And go out and shop for another RL watch. What do you find? Ok, let's see, if you are trying to cheap out, there is the Petite Stirrup at $2,180. Maybe jkwva would like that - it is certainly cheaper and smaller. Or there is the $99,000 Automotive Double Tourbillion. He wouldn't like it though because it has the same label as the one in this drop. Somebody is buying some of these watches or they wouldn't keep making them.
That was jkwva.
Ok, here is what it's going as to my Healey car show. The red matches my 100-6
Hit of the show in place of honor.
Wow... So many posts about this $60 looking watch? It doesnt matter what is inside the case when the case is branded by RL. The brand itself is advertised as mid level clothing company. And that is the end of it. Know your market.
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Dear Erik1,
If I am an idiot, then you are simply uneducated punk. Think carefully before you post such comments as they show exactly what category you belong to.
I used to be a punk, but I am certainly not undeducated. If you care what label is on your watch instead of the quality of the watch, that is idiotic. You probably think spending $6k on a Seiko is stupid too, right?
Got mine. (Different source). Lovely watch. Movement is fully decorated and is a knockout in person. Sorry about the condition of my arm. Hoping for return to normal soon!

Switched toa nylon strap for now to keep original strap pristine. More my style anyway.
Masdrop has lug width wrong, actually slightly over 22mm.
Couple other things - this has a screwdown crown (not mentioned by Massdrop) and it is smooth. Never had a screwdown that felt so nice. And winding this thing feels like you are turning a non winding crown . Absoultely no noise or ratcheting feel in the crown.
It's a 34-jewel movement with a Jaeger LeCoultre base, not those Emporio Armani kind of watches we are talking about. Did people take a look at this before saying it is overpriced? or they just call it the moment they saw the word Ralph Lauren?
A lot of criticism of this watch is that, to watch geeks, the brand is not a prestigious watch brand. So this is an expensive fashion brand watch.
In meatspace, where we all live, and where we wear our watches, we go about our lives never meeting other watch geeks. When was the last time that you ever had anyone even notice that you you were wearing an automatic watch by looking at the seconds hand? Nobody we ever see in real life cares about this stuff.
So if you like this watch, go for it. If you ever go to watch geek meetups (which none of us does), don't wear this particular watch on that day.
Sooooooo true! Nicely put.
Real watch geeks will appreciate this watch. Real watch geeks are not as concerned about the name on the watch, but the watch itself.
If I understand correctly the person who joulined this drop won't get this deal if another person doesn't join, if that's rmthe case the should try searching for it in Chrono24. I know for a fact the seller will take 10% of his list, at1 least. Maybe try for a bit more to match this price.
I'm not really surprised that so many people on MD are bashing this watch without realizing that it uses an excellent JLC movement that is found in watches that cost above $10K. Too bad the case, the dial and the hands are so dull, otherwise I would've jumped on it. But it is an absolute bargain for the movement it's housing if you don't mind the dull appearances. It can also be quite a conversation piece for the people in the know.
Designer brand watch for $2600? Yikes
Actually it might sound weird, but Ralph Lauren watches first arn't made by them and second are known as collectibles. They usually find renowned companies to build their watches, and the price is actually decently reasonable
I do think that the decoration on the movement could be better at this price point. It really isn't that expensive to decorate a movement.
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If you look very closely at the massdrop picture, you can see it but it is a horrible picture. Massdrop had done s horrid job of selling this watch. Its almost like if they don't sell the allotment someone at mass drop gets a chance to get it an even lower price!
See my recent posts showing my movement. I can confirm fully and beautifully decorated with only difference between the RL and Jag Lecoultre being the name
I bought this elsewhere $100 more with better 2yr warranty. Probably should have offered lower. Oh well, we shall see. I just feel like this movement is cool and unavailable on anything else even used for less than $6k
Search for Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Geographic. Used runs $6k+. Maybe the Jag has a better face style but it is the same watch. I would rather have the Jag but would never would spend that kind of money for it..
Ralph Lifshitz (ne’ Lauren) has a significant and well cultured watch collection, and these watches were a desire to create something special for his brand, with the spirit of many of his favorites. As many have pointed out, this is indeed powered by a Jaeger heart beat, so it does have something of a pedigree. It’s just to bad (and a tad ironic) that do to the RL label, this watch has been shunned ever since it’s release. RL Purple Label for 75% off, and people would be all over it like a, well.... cheap suit! Not this watch though..... which is sad. This is for someone who wants a Reaally nice Ralph Lauren watch, but probably not many others, as $2500 bones gets a lot of nice watches.
I’ve seen better decorated movements on a Parnis. Those are shite and this is shite
Check the other comments. This movement is actually a well-decorated JLC. The photo is bad here.
I have seen better decorated movements on a Parnis. This is absolute shite.
Hey Massdrop, I'll give you $259 for it.
Otherwise you can kiss my ass😂

What appears to be this same watch, but in gold, is reviewed on the Watch and Listen podcast episode 1 at 55:45. It looks exactly the same, but the guy says that they were made in an extremely limited quantity (less than 50) and were priced at $12-15,000. His father was president and CEO of Ralph Lauren at the time, and he received this watch from his father. This dropmust be some sort of reissue. The podcast has a video feed and it shows how the watch works. Cameron Weiss of Weiss Watch is on the podcast and says it's a JLC movement, used also in JLC, Vacheron, Audemars, older Royal Oaks, etc. Again, this is undoubtedly a reissue and may have cheaper parts.
"Commercially a massive failure," the guy said. "Nobody wants to spend 15 Gs on a Ralph Laurent watch."
Seriously people, this is marinemaster, doxa, Hamilton territory. Massdrop is know to be a maximum value proposition. At this price point, there are more valuable and practical options imo.
This is a great deal but I struggle with spending serious money on RL because I agree with the sentiment that spending thousands on something sold mostly in Outlets is a concern. I love when Richemont and Vaucher produce movements that end up in watches that are somewhat affordable. This is a great related article about a similar arrangement on a different movement: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/richard-mille-parmigiani-fleurier-and-hermes-three-takes-on-one-movement
This is actually a very good watch. There's always a robust debate about "fashion" brands and watches -- Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Hermes, Chanel, etc. But this is a great JLC movement and the watch got great reviews from Hodinkee, Ariel Adams, and a lot of the high-end watch press. The thing that confuses folks about RLC is that they play in so many price points. But the high-end RLC products are luxury-level (consider their purple label clothing, some of their bespoke, etc.). The issue I see is that the watch was released in 2012 and has no manufacturer warranty. Price is amazing -- but it seems, well, "off." Are they just left over NOS when the Hong Kong market for high-end fashion-brand watches plummeted? Years from now this watch will keep it's value -- but is it worth the risk? If you're a fan of RLC and JLC, perhaps. As a note to basketball fans, this watch was a daily wearer for Carmelo Anthony.
Boogie lol
Everything about Ralph Lauren is fake, starting with his fake name. Is nobody concerned that he is basing his marketing on a fake, fictionalized version of a fake, fictionalized American gentry and American past?
Whoa! If you can change your sex, why not your name? Is your problem that he's (((Jewish)))?
I recommend David Marx's book "Ametora" for a good historical background on the style that you are calling fake:
Just as the literary output of Greece and Rome was preserved in Middle Ages monasteries when nobody else cared about it, much of America's fashion styles were cataloged, analyzed, preserved, and recreated in Japan during the (brief) periods of time after they lost favor in their home country: Ivy League and prep, authentic blue jeans, 1950s rocker styles, and so on. In the case of prep, Lauren was the Erasmus who help bring it back to life in the U.S.
It's a Jaeger-LeCoultre made movement, not sure Massdrop's warranty will help in any case. Don't think an average watch repair special will be willing to perform even maintenance/ regulation, leave along repairs. Too bad, great watch and fair price too.
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Check Panzera Breuer 42 description for example, 2 years manufacturer warranty.
Oh, I see. It is indeed "1-year Massdrop international watch warranty" by this vs. "2-year manufacturer's warranty" by Panzera. So it is drop-specific. Thanks a lot!
I mean the company just not worth the 2.5k you need to be a dumb rich guy to buy it, a real watch enthuist know that this price is off, the caliber isnt that bad, its actually good, its based on Jaeger LeCoultre calicer 939A but even Jaeger selling their watches for around 9k and the original price of the watch is "10,900$" something is off really bad.

I know I may be nitpicking here but I have a real problem with some high end timepieces that use decorative screws on their bezels that are not aligned! Sorry, I feel better now.
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Thank for the info, thats exactly the first thing that popped into my head, if AP can do it why can’t anyone else. You learn something new everyday!
I’m not sure wether to thank you, or curse you. Great link. Lots of time lost to it today, and I’m sure more in the future.
Com.. for me this company isnt worth 2.5 k. My wife wearing tshirts ralph but watch for 2.5 k 😆
I'm sorry, but you need more pics for a watch of this value. We bitch at people on the forums for putting up one or two pictures of a high dollar watch they're selling. YOU are a company. More pics!