Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Padsearch

Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad

Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad

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More Stable, More Versatile, Just as Programmable

From Melbourne-based design studio Rama Works, the M10-B is an updated version of the M10-A: a fully programmable 10-key mini pad made from a block of solid aluminum. This time around, Rama Works teamed with Wilba (who designed the Zeal60, Planck, and Preonic PCBs) to bring this one-of-a-kind tool to life. Now simpler, sturdier, and compatible with all major operating systems, the Rama Works M10-B allows users to easily program each button with macros and hotkeys.

Note: At checkout, choose a CNC aluminum case in black, midnight blue, silver, or space gray. You can also add a set of Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, Halo, or Zealios switches. Pricing for switches will vary. If you don't want keycaps, you can remove them for (- $20).

Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad

Advanced CNC Machining, Built-in Switch Plate

With clean lines, smooth angles, and a polished finish, The Rama Works M10-B mechanical mini pad wouldn’t look out of place in a NASA lab. Milled from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, the hefty mini pad weighs nearly 14 ounces, so it won’t slide around your desk. This time, the switch plate is built in, which creates even more stability. Each bevel, especially the diagonal ones, requires extensive CNC work.

Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad
Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad
Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad

Fully Programmable With Hot-Swappable PCB

Whether you want to use the Rama Works M10-B for gaming, data entry, or other tasks, it’s equipped to handle it all. Fully programmable, it’s built for QMK, which means you can assign any button to any task via the firmware. The PCB has built-in Kailh switch sockets, too. That means you can quickly and easily change switches if you want to try out a different feel. Perhaps best of all, there’s no soldering required: Just pop in the switches, screw the case together, and your ready to go.

Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad
Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad

For Gamers, Developers & Professionals

The Rama Works M10-B is designed to make your life easier. Use it to quickly program hotkeys and macros in your favorite games for quicker access to your most-used weapons, spells, commands, and more. Developers can link a line of code they frequently use to a certain button—far quicker than typing it in every single time. The same goes for those in the business world. Use the M10-B to program your email signoff or your full address and avoid having to type it out every time. For the creative professional, the M10-B can be used to quickly select tools in editing programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Premiere.

Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad
Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad
Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad

Choose Your Switches, No Soldering Required

Because of the hot-swappable PCB, switches can be installed without soldering. And this drop features a wide range of switches (not included) so you can get just the feel you want. First, there are authentic Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, and Red switches—as well as Gaterons in all the same colors. Then, there are Kailh Speed Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Box White, Red, Black, and Brown switches, plus Halo Trues and Clears. For a heavier feel, there are Zealios 65-gram tactile (non-clicky) switches. If you really want to shake things up, go for the Tester Pack, which includes a variety of Cherry and Kailh switches so you can try out something new.

Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad

Case Color Options

Midnight Blue
Space Gray


  • Designed by Rama Works
  • PCB designed by Wilba
  • Anodized CNC aluminium top and base
  • Programmable 10-key PCB
  • Compatible with QMK firmware
  • Cherry, Kailh, Halo, or Zealios switches
  • Signature Plastics sculpted SA keycap set
  • Dimensions (assembled): 4.6 x 3.75 x 1.6 in (12.1 x 9.5 x 4.1 cm)
  • Weight (assembled): 13.8 oz (391 g)


  • Anodized CNC aluminium top and base
  • PCB
  • Choice of switches
  • Set of SA Signature Plastics keycaps
  • USB cable
  • Cherry Style PCB Mount Stabilizer


All orders will be shipped by Massdrop.

Estimated ship date is Aug 17, 2018 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.

Recent Activity

Hi everyone, Checking back in with an update on the Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad. Due to the PCB issues mentioned in the early-August update, unfortunately, we’re now tracking for an estimated ship of mid-October. We apologize for this significant delay and we know it is extremely disappointing for everyone involved. We’re working closely with Rama Works to prioritize the completion of this item, get it in to our warehouse, and out to you as soon as possible. Coming off of the previous update, we do have a few new production details to share with everyone. As of two weeks ago, the firmware has been confirmed and, with the PCB issues now resolved, full production is underway. In light of the PCB issue, many parts had to be remade, however we’re glad to say that the hardware for the Massdrop x Rama Works M10-B Mechanical Mini Pad is finished and is being prepared for shipment. Here are a couple of the latest production images: Again, we are so sorry for the lengthy delay for this item. As a thank you for your patience, we’ve added a $10 credit to your account, which will be automatically applied to the next drop you join. If you don’t want to wait the additional time, you can cancel your order via the transactions page: Thanks again for your patience. We’ll be back closer to the new estimated ship date with more information.