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how much was this chair when the drop was active?
How comfortable is this chair for women... my wife would spend about as much time on it as I would. Men and women are not built the same, of course, but just wondering if anyone with big hips has tried one of these. My wife's not fat, but she's not skinny and around a size 16 depending on the brand.
I've seen a lot of discussion about how it fits men, but the wife factor is an important one! Thanks!
It is not as wide in the sitting area as some chairs so if that could be an issue take into consideration. The lumbar and neck pillows can be moved to fit along with everything else so that kind of stuff wont be an issue. So if Baby got back this might not be the type of chair for her but other then that its a quality build and their top of the line.
proud owner.
is this as comfortable and same quality as high end chair like dxracer?
yep I think more so in the arm rest area specifically
I got interested to see this show up because I like a wider/bigger chair so I didn't commit on the ferrino last week. Now reading the discussion it sounds like I probably should buy a smaller chair since this one has a minimum height significantly taller than most chairs, is that correct? I am only 5'9 160 and my wife who will use it as well is smaller than me. Any word on the ferrino coming back soon?
why is there no option for brown on black? If it was included on the product page it should be an option for purchase.
Sorry about that but there is no stock available right now on the brown version. We have available models listed in 2 places on the drop. The note section at the top of the drop description page as well as the gallery of images at the bottom of the page. Hopefully it will be available next time around.
Got one a few drops back and love it for work. this chair is great for comfort and for taking a nap just don't get caught by the boss.
Hmm, wasn't this drop a bit cheaper a few weeks ago (before it was cancelled)? I remember my order being cancelled, but I am sure it was lower than the commit price. No worries, I wound up buying the finish line, but I think it's a bit small so I wanted to check back on the Carbon when it became available again.
Possibly, but that price difference does not really bother me. I was going to join the last one, and was upset it was cancelled. Glad it is back.
Massdrop Community- I apologize for this drop being shut down. We will be running this product again in the future, but not sure of an exact date. Thanks for supporting our products and we look forward to future drops! By the way, we do still have our other line, the Finish Line, dropping right now. Thanks! Chris
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That's fair. If they both come with cushions, then I will give the Finish Line a shot. Thanks for the reply Chris!
I saw this drop the other day and was excited to join when I got off work only to find it canceled :( my birthday buns will have to wait until next time I guess 😭
Hi All!

Unfortunately we had to shut this drop down because the vendor will not be able to fulfill it with the current inventory he has on hand.

This should have been communicated to you earlier and we apologize for the delay.

We do have confirmation that this drop will be available in the future so request it and you will be notified once it becomes available.
Hey - how about sending us (people who had signed up to get this item) an email to tell us about this?? I only found out by looking it up. Poor form Massdrop.
Did this drop shut down or end before I even got my email for it today? That seems a little ridicululous...
Yeah i'm with you... when was this?
If only it was shipping to Montreal Canada :(