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RapidX Ferrino/Ferrino XL Series Gaming Chairs

RapidX Ferrino/Ferrino XL Series Gaming Chairs

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Got mine a while ago. Great chair. Can sit in this for days, Only complaint is that the neck pillow elastic is too loose with no way to adjust it so it keeps follow down. RapidX is there anything that can be done about this?
I love this chair. Super comfortable. Super adjustable for what I need. I love the lumbar pillow. I was super happy that it's also Pvc Leather. I'm very happy with this purchase!
I've been using the chair for several days and it's definitely a high quality chair. I'm enjoying it. However, I feel that the chair is a little bit too tall for me.

Is it possible to switch from XL size to a regular size?
Got mine a while ago, and wanted to get used to the chair before I make a verdict. This thing is COMFY. I previously used a mid back mesh amazon basics chair, and as great as that was, it strained my lower back. This thing, with the lumbar pillow and neck pillow, I can sit on this for hours. Assembly was super easy (took around 20-25 min). Def a solid purchase for something of this quality.
When does this drop again? I see this on amazon and I'm tempted to just buy it there the price is a lot better than their website not sure how it co.pared to here
My chair shows it was delivered on Friday but it never actually came. I've been pestering FedEx to figure out what happened but they're pretty much ignoring me. Is there anything else I can do? Or am I just subject to whenever FedEx wants to help me out?
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121 Apt 204, thanks a bunch ☺️
I just see the same thing you do on this. I just wanted to make sure. You will have to just keep contacting Fedex at this point. Thanks! Chris
My girlfriend and I received our chairs today and we LOVE them! Quick shipping, and really fantastic quality. We’ve never had gaming chairs before and we are very impressed with them. Thank you for being so active in the discussion board, Chris!
Thanks for the feedback Glow! Post some pics if you get time! Thanks! Chris
2/2 chairs came in yesterday! Haven’t heard of any complaints from them yet. So mustve been smooth! Ordered 5 chairs total so far. 3 for work and 2 for other friends. Cant wait for this to drop again so I can order one for my battle station at home. VERY impressed with their quality
Just got the email with the tracking....it arrived yesterday. Great Customer Service.
Easy to assemble. 20 mins max and one bourbon.
Good to hear! Enjoy!
Just got my second chair. Even tho is XL and is a bit different to assemble compared to the normal one, it took me 15min to have it ready to use.

Very happy with it. I am 6'1 and 240lb, and I feel really comfortable in it.
Finally my wife and I have proper chairs to work and game with.

Boom...happy wife, happy life!
Just got an email with tracking! My chair will be here today! Praise the Delivery Gods! I'm super stoked.
I got the first of 2 chairs today. Took me 20 min to assemble with the help of the video. My wife is very happy.
My chair is arriving tomorrow.
We are in TX btw.
Everything is big in Texas, including your Ferrino XL! Thanks for joining the drop! Chris
I got my chair yesterday, that was a pleasant surprise.:) (Massdrop says "" Estimated Ship Date June 15, 2018 PT ". )
I got it assemble within 1 hour, it was pretty easy.
I watch the youtube video as reference, the video is for a regular Ferrino and I have the XL version, so couple of the steps didn't match, this is no big deal.
The build quality was excellent, very heavy duty stuff.
My one complain is that one of the side screw cannot tighten all the way.
Got it today! This chair is great only problem I had is the washers on the sides of the seat back kept falling off and I ended up losing one inside the chair itself (Super nit-picky). With that said this build quality is stellar the chair and hardware is very beefy, the lumbar support is great and I can already feel the back pain fading as this chair forces me into a comfortable position. This thing is absolutely amazing!
I have the similar washer issue. My problem was one of the screw won't tighten 100%. It's not too bad, but not as tighten as the other screws.