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Raspberry Pi 3 Bundle Kits

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If you don't need a whole kit, MicroCenter has the Raspberry Pi 3 for $34.99 and the 3B+ for $29.99.
How do I delete my massdrop account? I haven't seen a drop with a good price yet. I found tons more options, newer versions, larger SD cards included, better cases, more accessories included and all for a cheaper price by doing a quick amazon search. And Amazon isn't even always the cheapest option. This seems to be the case with most of the drops. I'm done.
Hey Massdrop,

This is kind of a shady drop... again... shocker!!!

I'm not sure if this company is an authorized resller for Raspberry Pi... I checked about 20 countires and they are not on the list. https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/#buy-now-modal

Outside of that... there is a new version of the Pi (the B+ is the newest), so this is not the latest and greatest, but:

From the manufactures website $64.99 +Shipping (US shipping only) NO LCD Screen
$74.99 WITH LCD kit +Shipping(EU shipping only)

A much better option, chosen at random from the Raspberrypi.org site:

Here is a new model (B+) kit from a listed reseller for $74.99 with a preload Operating system on a 16GB card. A great out of the box start. AND you don't have to wait OVER a month to see it SHIPPED, not received!
Not the 3 B+
I got mine a few days ago, there is no power supply for the touch display and also I've got wrong and defective parts. The video controller card is broken, and the keyboard cable is wrong. This was my first try with massdrop and I'm I'm disappointed, now waiting for support and hope they can help me
I’m going through these reviews after joining the drop. Hopefully, stuffs turn out to be less defected when I get’em
Why so many buyers, considering the reviews and the price?
You mean 64-bit (not 6-bit). This is not a particularly good value, either.
8 gig SD card? You mean adding literal trash to make this deal seem like an actual deal when it's not
How is this drop $70?
I see the display lists a separate power supply with this new drop. Hopefully a better SD card is included.
If you need help figuring out basic connection for the display check out
my blog. http://handymangeek.blogspot.ca/2017/09/living-pi-life-raspberry-pi-startup.html?m=1
Note I am not connected with Massdrop.
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That's the touch LCD screen included in the drop. Uuuuugggeee compared to the driver board.
Im reading the reviews of the screen on amazon and despite the high cost of only the screen, people seem to say it is of poor quality. Is there a better alternative to this?
I could never get this to work every time I tried so I kept putting it away and trying later. Finally I tried a different SD card than the one provided and it worked immediately. Don't use the include SD card.

edit - for kicks I tried using the included power supply and USB cable and it did not provide enough power to the Pi

This was my first Pi and I thought the bundle made sense - if I were to redo it I would definitely just buy everything separately.
Somehow I managed to power the monitor with... a (4-AA-battery-powered) power supply from Arduino! and thankfully the monitor looks decent while sdcard and other things were defective. Look for a power supply that works with Arduino UNO(5.5x2.1mm, C:+, 6V-12V) if you would like to make use of this.
Seems like everyone fell prey to this "deal".
Straight out of the box =

- Faulty Micro SD card.
- 50% of the pins on the GPIO board are bent beyond repair.
- No power supply at all!
- Case won't work with all of the contents in this "deal".
- Might be more issues, I threw in the towel after discovering the bent pins on the GPIO board.

Have had a single issue with historic Massdrop purchases/"deals", and Massdrop was quick to offer effective resolve on that matter. Considering how many items they offer on a regular basis, I suppose it's inevitable to get taken to the cleaners every once in a while. That said, I'm going to give Massdrop the benefit of the doubt - they weren't aware of this fraudulent offer and are working on remedying the issues to everyone that's unsatisfied with the results of this "deal". That said, it seems the blame is partially on us as I'm now finding most all other "Raspberry Pi deals" had through Massdrop seem to have similar issues. I don't think it's fair to place blame on MD exclusively for this, especially when this trend of bad faith offerings seems to be limited (per my research*) to this particular product.

On that note, what gives MD?
I was just sad to see this connector does not include Power and ground... so handy + easy to add
like so: https://statics3.seeedstudio.com/product/T-Cobbler_03.jpg
Who is the original seller?
How about selling just the Raspberry Pi itself at a great discount, then we can buy better quality accessories ourselves (that is if we don't already have a stockpile of what we need) based on what we need or want.
Wow! I've never seen a MD thread with so many complaints and not a single employee comment. Are things changing at MD? I've done a handful of drops for things, but I'm questioning the quality of the company now reading this thread. Absolutely nuts.