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Raspberry Pi 3 7-Inch LCD Kit

Raspberry Pi 3 7-Inch LCD Kit

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I will demand a refund if that is the case. RoPieee only supports that. And I got this to be a RoPieee device.
I was thinking about getting 2 of these drops, but seeing the feedback it seems it has poor QC and the kit has issues with a case that is to small for the included heatsinks. MD, please get on top of this as I am less exciter about MD after seeing this and some other items like that. I like my MD headphones.
Capacitive touchscreen?
These kits don’t work. i Was in the last drop and the micro sd card was defective. Don’t waste your money.
This happened to me too. Luckily sd cards are cheap. I think I can still get it working with a new one? Did you ever get yours working?
Why not just buy a table for all there trouble this looks to be putting this thing together
That's the point to build it yourself in a way you want it to work...
This is for techs, not for everybody. You might not want to tie up a tablet everywhere you can use a processor. The arduino or Raspberry PI are a lot cheaper than a tablet, some as low as $5.
I did a review for this Kit My first experience with Pi
Thanks for the write up. The link to the LCD input board PDF was especially helpful.
Anyone know a good site that offers a good 7inch LCD touchscreen?
Still reeling from what a ripoff this was: besides the bait and switch lcd screen, both the microSD card and power supply were bad; replaced em for $20+ but everything is working fine now.

Don't request this drop again.
These look like the same faulty power supply that was sold with the Rpi2. iPad power supplies are what I'm using right now. They're expensive, but so far have a fairly high build quality.
They should've included a case like this for both the Pi and screen.
Nah, I wouldn't want a case
Wow this really sucks. Totally feel ripped off from massdrop.

I saw 7" R Pi kit. I presume that is a nicely put together kit curated by massdrop and that someone at massdrop must have atleast some knowledge on this to curate it to be worth our attention and offer it as discount.

The touchscreen has tons of parts and wires that barely fit inside the cardboard box it come in once all plugged together.
The touchsreen doesn't even include a power supply.
The case is nice but when you put all the heatsink on the pi it doesn't fit in case.
Looking up the prices for these things on amazon post respect I discovered this massdrop was actually more expensive than amazon.

It's like they threw a bunch of crap in a box and stuck it on here at a marked up price to try and trick people into buying it. I thought massdrop was better.
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The SD card I got is also corrupt, you can write to it but you only get garbage out!
Initial tests indicate that I have the same issue. Doing a couple more runs to confirm.
Can anyone confirm a frame or a case the screen will fit in? Had a few drinks and thought it was an official screen in the bundle.
i can find a $20-$30 7inch LCD for the pi from china websites easily, just need a forwarder. i got my rp3 + 3.5inch lcd + power adapter for ~$50 in total
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Can I get a link for these sites.. I've been looking around for a 7inch LCD touchscreen but everything I find is 100 dollars.
I can totally not read chinese but Google can...sorta.. lol

But thanks for the links.