This is a group buy for the Recaro Pole Position Racing Seat. The Pole Position is a shell seat with increased driving comfort thanks to the broader seat cushion and the additional side guidance. The pronounced cushion and seat back bolsters offer optimum vehicle control in extreme driving situations. The particular shell form in the back area supports the upright sitting posture. The shell is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic to keep weight down.


  • Integrated headrest for protection
  • Lordosis cushions for individual support of the spinal column
  • Specially designed shoulder support for excellent lateral hold
  • Seat shell made of glass fiber-reinforced plastic material (GRP)
  • well-defined seat cushion and seat back bolsters for good vehicle control in all driving situations
  • This has supports for a 4-, 5- or 6-point belt

Seat Options

  • Bolster: Velour Black - Insert: Velour Black - Logo: White
  • Bolster: Velour Blue - Insert: Velour Blue - Logo: Black
  • Bolster: Velour Red - Insert: Velour Red - Logo: Black
  • Bolster: Leather Black - Insert: Leather Black - Logo: Silver

Group Buy Details
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Information on Shipping Times
Recaro has a limited stock of the Pole Position Racing Seat. For an order of this size they will have to start an entire manufacturing run. This can take from six to eight weeks depending on order size and color choice. After the production is finished the units will be shipped to you with as little delay possible.

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