Reckless Deck Expansions Bundle (4-Pack)search

Reckless Deck Expansions Bundle (4-Pack)

Reckless Deck Expansions Bundle (4-Pack)

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“Rocket Fuel for the Creative Process”

Born of an artist’s lack of creative inspiration, Reckless Deck turns traditional gaming on its head. For artists, creative writers, gamers, and cosplayers, this Kickstarter-born game is sure to spark your creative juices. To play, you draw cards containing character features—like a gas mask, cybernetic eye, jumpsuit, and more—and then sketch the character you conjured. You could end up with a steampunk wizard with spiked black boots, or a googly-eyed, seductive heroine with a lust for blood. The point is: There are no winners and losers, just fun ideas to help spur your next project and let your imagination fly. This drop includes four different packs to get you started—from creatures of the Dark Forest to post-apocalyptic beasts.

Note: This drop includes four expansion decks (base game not included). At checkout, you’ll have your choice from the following for each deck: Dark Forest, Dungeongrawler, Gods and Monsters, Interstellar Marines, Lovecraftian, Post Apocalypse, Steampunk Explorer, Superhero, and Urban Legends.

Let Your Ideas Run Wild

As it was created by a comic book and sci-fi illustrator, Reckless Deck is super open ended, and there are lots of ways to play. The traditional way would be to pull one random card from all five categories and get drawing, but feel free to only pull a few and let your imagination take you the rest of the way. If you know you want to make a human, leave out the Intrinsic Nature category; on the other hand, if you know you want to create a non-human character, start with one of those and run wild. Play with your friends or your kids and see what you come up with: Who knows, it could be the fuel you need to bring your next big idea to life.

Deck Options

Dark Forest
Gods and Monsters
Interstellar Marines
Post Apocalypse
Steampunk Explorer
Urban Legends

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  • 4 decks of 20 cards each


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