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Regal Lane Fountain Pens (2-Pack)

Regal Lane Fountain Pens (2-Pack)

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Junk. Don't waste your money. Nib sucks, the converters are worse. Writes terribly. Skips, inconsistent flow, it even caps ridiculously crooked. I regret this purchase. Don't waste your money.
Is this much better than the Lamy Safari? This seems like a great deal.
Can anyone tell me what kind of converters (not the ones included, obviously) would work in this pen, ie Lamy, Pilot...?
Standard International.
Is anyone else having trouble with the converter? The converter I got in the drop is WAY too long for the pen. There’s some sort of resin in the top of the barrel preventing re-assembly with an installed converter.
Yeah, I can't attach the converter to the pen. Seems like the ends are the same width, so one can't fit into the other. Am I missing something?

EDIT: Got it to work -- there was a small round piece of metal inside the nib part of one of the pens. Managed to get it out, now it works fine.
Figured it out. Each pen ships with an ink cartridge, which is inverted in the barrel. I didn’t know this, so I asked Regal. The problem was that the cartridge got stuck in the top of the barrel. Some very-delicate work got it unstuck. Good to go.
When this item is going to be shipped ?
it supposed to be 12 of Oct.

These are really good by the way and regal is a very trusted company
I got myself a Zebra v-301 for about 3 USD to try out fountain pens again (got a more expensive refillable one I hated), and I'm liking it. I get these are a bit higher-end, but how do they compare? Is there anything I should watch out for?

I get these are relatively cheap, but due to the strength of my country's currency it's an expense worth considering.
I have the zebra V-301 and it's the old version, had it for years. I know a lot of the time that pen the Zebra (especially the older version) don't get very good reviews but I'm happy with mine as well and it was super cheap. I'm in the same boat... but I do like that you are able to get 2 and add the converters for $5. I'll probably look up some reviews and see if I can find some examples of the "writing" line width etc. my question or curiosity is If the fine nib is at all flexible or for any line differentiation at all...
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