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Pigtronix REM Keymaster Pedal

Pigtronix REM Keymaster Pedal

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Audio Mastery

A dual, true bypass FX loop pair that will run either in series or parallel. Using a standard expression pedal, musicians can easily crossfade between different chains of effects, seamlessly transitioning between tones with the Keymaster Pedal. All of the Keymaster’s numerous connections use impedance matching circuitry to maintain signal level integrity from source to source.

Pigtronix REM Keymaster Pedal

Design and Function

Designed by Howard Davis and David Koltai, the Keymaster utilizes re-amp solution, and has an XLR interface with ¼ inputs and outputs. Ideal for mixing sound and effect, it can be used live by musicians who need crossfade, effects, and portability. Engineered to work with guitar effects, synthesizers, MIDI controllers and recording devices, the Keymaster is as versatile as it is unique.

Pigtronix REM Keymaster Pedal
Pigtronix REM Keymaster Pedal

Product Demo


  • Keymaster
  • XLR and ¼” (bal / un-bal) inputs & outputs
  • Dual True Bypass instrument level FX Loops
  • Impedance Matching, all Analog Audio Path
  • Series / Parallel operation
  • Crossfade function with Expression Pedal option
  • 10db input gain boost / 10db output gain boost
  • Circuit design by Howard Davis
  • Sound Design by David Koltai
  • 5.7 x 4.7 x 1.5 in (144 x 119.38 x 38.1 mm)


  • Pigtronix 18VDC adapter


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