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Just got mine.
Rolled in a rectangular box.
No damage
No mention of "removebeforeprint" at the front anymore.
But there's a logo on the back of the poster + a barcode sticker. (I didn't try to remove the sticker yet)
The logo is like this one at the bottom right:

So, it seems that I've either be lucky or they've been more careful ?
All orders will be shipped by Massdrop.
Estimated ship date is May 22, 2018 PT.

Anyone has any news of that ?

It's on its way!
Your Remove Before Automotive Prints has shipped and should be arriving soon
In order for me to participate in this drop, prints would need to be shipped in tubes, and an option for Speed Racer's Mach 5 needs to be added lol
Terrible to see all this packaging handled this way. Prints should definitely always be shipping in a tube. I want to get more of these prints but it seems like I won the lottery the fact that mine had two barely noticeable marks on them and came in a tube. Not sure I want to risk it. Finally got around to making some frames for them.
Those frames are great looking. Good job!
I'm pretty pissed with this drop. No where in the drop description nor in any of the photos here detail that a prominent URL
is printed in the lower right.

Every time I order something on this site I feel like I'm taking a gamble. Next time I'll just have a custom print made here locally. Pretty ridiculous.
Just to reiterate, go ahead and forego this drop. Don't do it. I'd maybe give them the benefit of the doubt if this wasn't the second or third time this drop showed up and the same thing happened. But I was like you, I was like "those posts are from 6 months ago. they must've fixed it." Lo and Behold:

Is there any way to know if these are still are arriving damaged? I'm planning to ship a couple of these internationally and would be a shame to receive mangled prints.
hey. Yes, they will still arrived damaged. I got these on the last drop (maybe 2 months ago) and the packaging was beyond unacceptable. And the print was badly damaged. It was just before the holiday season so I went home and forgot about it after I received it. Barely worth the refund but was afraid this drop might show up again. But yeah. Pretty awful.

Like if your friend offered you something that looked like this you'd be like um, nah. No thanks, man. You should just throw that away. Like if someone handed you their homework to copy in the way that they sent this print, you'd be pissed.

Do not buy for the love of God.

As you can see the print came... folded up hotdog style... in an a4? sized? envelope. Evidently before that someone was using at a as a surface to roll doobies on top of or something. I mean come on. It's literally garbage.

I'm surprised they're still allowing these guys to show up here. Don't buy.

Thanks. I think that's clear enough.
What a shame.
Wow these look amazing. I want all of them!
Why is there never a Dodge Charger :(
Because they don't have much of a race pedigree. Unless you're talking about the daytona/superbird but even then compared to the iconic heritage of some other cars there isn't much to talk about.
shitty car
I bought this as a Christmas present so it'd be really nice if it would ship out before Christmas.
Any shipping update? I hope it arrives before Christmas
Mine arrived today (also the most recent drop).... As DeathShr00m mentioned, they did package these in a tube this time around......However, mine were also damaged, and not just the edges.

Then there is the question of the artwork itself. I may have missed something but all the "Artprint Options - 42 x 42 cm" versions have a ridiculous url printed in the bottom right corner that says
""......which is funny because they should have removed this before printing.... but I am not laughing.

Who puts a url on an "Artprint"!!!!! This was NOT shown in the preview.

The Trilogy Print Options - 42 X 60 cm were printed as advertised without this horrible url in the corner. But mine has creases and damage.

Examples of advertised artprint compared to the delivered product with url blemish.

Damage and creases in the posters on arrival.

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Well this is a bummer, but you just saved me $100.
Yea, it was a real shame. They did accept returns and refunded me. So you could always take a gamble ūüė∂