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Retro-Bit RES Plus NES Gaming Console

Retro-Bit RES Plus NES Gaming Console

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AVOID BUYING THIS. I bought this 3 weeks ago and was very disappointed. This does NOT work with flash carts, game compatibility isn't great (Super Mario Brothers 3 doesn't work) and sound accuracy isn't great. The only saving grace is the HDMI. I also wrote an Amazon review about this. Here's my YouTube video if you don't believe me. Just wait for the Super Retro Trio HD, whenever the hell that comes out. If you REALLY want it, get it from Amazon right now for the fast Prime shipping so you don't have to wait here on Massdrop.
does it come with any games? gave all of mine away long time ago.
It's better to go emulation route if you don't have any. You can do it on any PC or ARM board or just get some other NES clone that can read ROMs from a memory card.
My controllers don't work.... It turns on and all but I can't play
Hey folks,

Received mine today and so far so good. It does have issues playing cartridges that are dirty, but that's expected. A quick clean on a couple carts did the trick. HDMI looks good as well.

My only complaint so far is it grips the cartridges really hard, and removing them is kind of a pain.

Also found this video for anyone looking for a review:

Are there any reviews of this? At this price, if it's FPGA, I'm very tempted, but I'm also waiting on the HD version of their Super Retro Trio.
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If your only goal is to have a decent experience at a low (and morally ambiguous) cost, RetroPie will be your best bet almost every time.

Some people prefer to use their actual carts. Some people don't like using emulation at all. Some people don't like setting up a RasPi. There are certainly use cases for this device, just not a whole lot. I see it as something for beginning retro collectors/enthusiasts to get their feet wet with at a low cost before moving on to more serious (and expensive) gear.
I actually purchased many of these games on Virtual console, but I'm getting sick of having to re-buy for each system. Also, I wasn't able to get my hands on an NES classic. I'd rather play on real hardware too, so I'm looking forward to the Super Retro Trio HD later this year it'll cover multiple systems. also crossing my fingers to get an SNES classic.

The fact of the matter though is that these cartridges are getting rarer and rarer and more expensive to come by.
Main link if anyone wants more info:

Good news: looking at the manufacturer info and the case shots that aren't included in the MassDrop listing, looks like there's nothing 'battery' to speak of. The whole "how much battery is left" bit just sounds like it was someone who has no clue what they're writing about clutching at straws to sound interesting and informative.
Probably changes via 5V and can be powered too via the USB.
Doesn't 'charge' at all. There is no battery power.
Does anyone know if they are going to be updating all their console replacements with HDMI? I'm more interested in an HDMI capable trio then just one that takes NES carts.

Also, are the original chips refabricated or are they emulated at some level? Are they 100% compatible with the games?
These are almost certainly "NES-on-a-Chip" clone chips. But either way, guaranteed there is nothing original about what's inside.
In the description it says there is an LED indicator for battery power. Does anyone know if this has a power supply that plugs into the wall, or is it battery power only?

What type of batteries?

- MD
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The description is obviously written by someone who has no idea what they're talking about. It's micro-USB powered.
Catridges from your collection or ones you find in thrift shops, pawn shops, on Kijij, etcs.
How do you play games? Via downloading roms?
It says right in the description that it uses cartridges
as he said.. it needs real NES cartridge.
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