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Retro GBA REVO K101 Plus

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

I bought this from Massdrop a few years ago. The USB port physically broke, and Massdrop never answered any of my requests for warranty assistance. I'm not generalizing that this means the K101 or Massdrop is untrustworthy, but I had a disappointing experience.
I just got this 1.5 USD less including shipping from here:
Does it comes with games?
It doesn't come with games, but it does come with a K-Card, this is a cartridge that looks like a regular GBA cartridge but has a microSD slot that supports up to 32GB cards and you can load games to it, even non GBA games like NES etc.
Going to have to pass on this. It would have been an instant buy if they offered the solid black version.
You can buy it from here: They currently have it in stock and if you're an international buyer it would even cost you about 1.5 USD less shipping today.
This can't be legal.
They get away with it as it does not have a microSD card or anything that would allow you to load games to it without using a GBA cartridge, so they just supply a K-Card (GBA cartridge with a microSD slot and the functionality to load games you download) separately solving the licensing and marketing problem of the device itself.
Is there anything like this made that will work with NES and/or possibly Genesis and SNES games?
It does come with a K-Card, this is a cartridge that looks like a regular GBA cartridge but has a microSD slot that supports up to 32GB cards and you can load games to it, even non GBA games like NES etc. You can see the list in the following video:

Just got my REVO in today, launched it and I am getting a white screen!!! It will not even turn on with a gba cartridge, which is not good! I have tried the reset button and still nothing. After some digging around it looks like you will need to upload the firmware yourself, which requires you to have a micro SD Card. If you go to the link (there is no virus, I scanned with BitDefender and Maleware Bytes) you can download the latest Firmware. Put it in the root directory of the Micro SD, it will load up just fine.
I ordered this last time it came around and ended up cancelling because it hadnt come in the 5 weeks after end. Hopefully anyone getting it this time will actually get one
Well, we shall see as this drop just ended
Should have purchased one a while back, it's dumb that they cost $30 more now than a few previous drops especially with no changes or upgrades to the system. Why is there no price deductions after a certain amount of purchases have been made/unlocked either?! Come on MD.
Is this unit compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges like the Game Boy Advance is?
Nope, just Game Boy Advance, but you can run roms.
Why buy this instead of backlit modded GBA?
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You can run roms on original hardware with the GBA flashcart
This runs on a lipo? Idk. Its up to you really. :-)
how does size compare to a gba micro?
I still have a functional Micro and original Advance somewhere in my closet, but one with a back light and a screen that wasn't super tiny would be nice.
My question is why this drop is a fair amount more expensive than previous drops. There has to be a reason other than rarity. Are there any improvements over previous drops?
Same question, I got the Revo K101 Plus Crystal version back in August 2016 from a drop for $69.99. Has there been a hardware change?
Also no free US/NA makes me sad.
ATTENTION: There is a better and MUCH CHEAPER version of this called the RS-97
It uses the exact same shell & screen, has better internals, a very active hacking scene around it and IT'S HALF THE PRICE. You can get one on aliexpress by searching rs-97 Here is the thread where you can see the progress on the custom firmware and emulators for it:
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I have both of these units, and the RS-97 does not emulate games well, even slow GBA emulation. The screen is inferior when comparing them side by side. I would recommend the Revo K101 over the RS-97 any day.
That seems to be a knockoff.
why would i get this over my own GBA SP?
other than the K card, my GBA SP does everything in a smaller form factor
Has anyone tried connecting one of these to a gamecube via the link cables to see if it works?
it says it works with any gba peripherals so it should work
Have the audio issues been fixed on newer models?
I see that the order has been placed with the supplier. Is there a new estimated ship date since the current estimate is in the past?
Did end up getting mine yay.
Did this drop just recently end?
Yup. My email says 9 hours ago.
Can I play Pokemon Blue on it?
Yes, but only with a downloaded ROM. Like the GameBoy Micro, the Revo only works with Gameboy Advance cartridges. You can however play older games if you use the flash card hardware included.
But it works fine? Would love to replay that game!
Can I play original game boy games just like the original GBA?
GameBoy and GameBoy Color cartridges are not compatible but the ROMs are.
Shipping and conversion rates push the price to equal the same as buying from their main website 😩
The only site I found that has them for sale also doesn't encrypt their page that contains your credit card entry.
Attention Massdrop Members:
The vendor has just informed us that the correct color of the units we are offering is Crystal Black not Solid Black.
We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and you can cancel your order anytime during the drop.
Crystal Black:

Solid Black:
wow thats pricey for something that you can get a computer emulator for a decade ago... not to mention thats free..
You're paying for the hardware, not the software.
You can buy a used PSP for that money and enjoy a bigger screen and MUCH more emulators..
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key word is trusted. I have been trying to find a legit replacement battery for my 1006 series PSP for years. All the stuff I've found on eBay and Amazon have been utter trash
Exactly. I don't want to get a $10 PSP battery and then have it burn my home down.
are games included?
I don't think so. You either need to have your old game boy cartridges or load ROMs onto the K-card
The newest version has *Mini* USB?
Any idea if there's a drop for this soon?
Clear black version too. And I waited for the solid color drop. :(